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    …..in my haste to get something down I neglected to discuss cadence & power. Again, apologies for not reading the above…………

    Clearly, it depends on what your ultimate goal is. But it remains that power is King (let’s not do the power to wt ratio just yet) however it can be delivered (as we all know) by either churning a massive gear or high rpm.

    As a starting point for your sessions, aim to maintain a background rpm of between 80-90. Once your body (mind more importantly) becomes conditioned to that output you can then start playing with power increase whilst maintaining that background rate. Ok, you/we can play with other sessions that target pure power, pure recover etc but that’s a whole different book.

    You/we/I could all improve our cycling sessions by achieving and maintaining a sound background power output; I use 60mins as I have found this period of effort relates/synergises to a ‘typical’ MTB day out……I don’t get many.

    Hugs, kisses.

Viewing 41 post (of 41 total)

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