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  • Tubeless-ness – just to check a few things.
  • Hello,
    looking at going tubeless in the new year so a couple of questions.

    I have a pair of raceface turbine wheels which are ‘tubeless compatible’ according to the website. I also have a tubeless ready mavic tyre (and will have another for the back soon enough).

    So, am I right in thinking that i just require a load of sealant and some valves to get these going? Are the valves fairly standard? so any would do?

    My thinking is: install valves, install one side of tyre, install most of other, pour sealant in, inflate like buggery. Right?


    for valves, you can get them from superstar quite cheap.

    you may need tape to cover the spoke holes. you do on the stans rims.

    i usually fit the tyres with tubes first and inflate to a fairly high psi and leave for a night. this gets the tyre into shape nicely and makes it easier to get them set up tubeless. this is not essential however.

    when setting up the tubeless tyres, i usually mount them fully, use a compressor (sneakily at a garage) to blast them up to about 35psi so the beads pop into place, and then deflate fully.

    i then chuck a tyre lever in at the top and prise the tyre upwards so i can squeeze the sealant inside the rim. the sealant will then run down the inside of the tyre and collect at the bottom.

    as the remainder of the tyre should be properly mounted (as you inflated it just previously), it will not leak out everywhere.

    once the right amount is in, i take out the tyre lever and then simply inflate the tyre. once inflated, you do all your shaking and spinning to get the sealant around the tyre and seal any air gaps.

    the above method is great if you are not inserting the fluid through the valve stem.


    Never actually done it myself, but I believe it’s a good idea to inflate without sealant first, let them down, then add sealant and inflate again. After this, you need to rotate the wheel and bounce it around a bit to spread the sealant around the inside.


    Tubeless compatible may mean you still need to use tubeless tape?

    If its a new tyre i’d be tempted to install the tyre with inner tube to get it seated and strectched properly before attempting to do tubeless and seatef properly first time.

    If you have a track pump then it should go up fairly simply IMO. I tend to push down on the tyre where the valve is which helps inflation for some reason?

    Edit campfreddie’s way is the way i do it to with tyre lever etc

    Premier Icon deadkenny

    use a compressor (sneakily at a garage)

    Not all garage (if you mean petrol station) compressors will work. Many have safety stuff and cut outs in them now that prevent the continual high pressure, high volume blast you need. Same goes with portable ones for the car.

    CO2 is what I use. Quick blast to seat them, then let the air out and gently pop the bead in one spot at the bottom or remove the valve core if it’s removable, and fill with 2 or 3 cups of sealant. Reinflate with a track pump and all should be good. Don’t reinflate with CO2 as it reacts with the sealant and goes clumpy, apparently.

    Usual tricks helps such as wiping the tyre bead with soapy water before putting it on. Easier to get on and helps keep the air in until the sealant does the job.

    p.s. you might be lucky seating them just with a track pump and removable core valves (with core removed). I don’t have removable cores. I just use ghetto valves from old tubes.

    Cheers for the replys

    Stupid question, how do I know whether I need the tubeless tape or not?

    These are the wheels:

    Premier Icon deadkenny

    This perhaps “Note: Tubeless conversion kit sold separately”

    Would have thought the conversion kit is basically rim tape?

    Though from the pictures I can’t see spoke holes on the inside rim surface. It’s basically the holes that need sealing, but some rims are made so there’s no hole through. Though that would probably make them full UST rims rather than tubeless ready.


    The rim tape looks like a standard one, ie not stuck down. You’ll need some leccy tape to seal the spoke holes, apart from that, slice tiny X above valve hole, press valve through, seat tyre, add juice, go ride!

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