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  • pingu66

    Had a little test of a Santa Cruz Tallboy as I was passing a shop. Actually really liked it, what would the alternatives be. Not had a chance for a decent ride on it but a little concerned maybe about maintenance. That’s one reason I didn’t get a Specialized Epic.

    Any reasons not to pull the trigger and grab it!

    Any reasons not to pull the trigger

    There is no trigger.

    If you mean buying it, then do it!


    little concerned maybe about maintenance

    In what way?

    Premier Icon davosaurusrex

    What was the colorway like?


    If you DON’T Buy it you wont be able to Maintain it, And its Only a Bike not country estate with a mansion, They need maintaining,, Santa Cruz Bikes need Ridind……… And they are covered by EXCELLENT After sales and back up not to Mention the Warranty,

    Get it Bought.


    OK maintenance concern was greasing it, how often etc, never put a grease gun on a bike before that the small concern.

    I will get a proper test! Hope it’s as good as the reviews and as it felt on the short ride.

    Colourway was red.Had a look at that when I got home not sure I like the black. Heard how good they are and happened upon one and it felt pretty good.


    Just buy it.


    Is it the LT or normal tallboy your going for?

    Ive been thinking of one for over a year now, together with a whyte but havent pulled the trigger yet.

    Ive got a blur lt and maintenance isnt an issue, just grease it once in a blue moon and its fine.


    Yep, Grease gun thing is a doddle and it’s quite novell, You will be able to enter the GREAT “What Grease” Debate.

    I quite like the Red.


    Tallboy C, can’t justify CC especially if you actually wanted to change anything!

    Never thought about buying one as never even seen one then happened upon it had a spin and felt good.

    Nobody offering alternatives!

    Looks like I need to get it for a proper test! Could be new bike time! Unexpectedly.


    Grease increases bearing life, reduces maintenance…
    Easy job.
    Bearings have free replacements – my Blur Lt lower link ones got done about 4 months ago after a lot of use only 2 were gone but did the 4 anyway. Thats been it for nearly 3 years as far as the frame goes.
    Alternative? Not sure, what do you want it for, a very capable XC bike that will do lots more, possibly the 120mm fork for bigger stuff.

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    I love greasing my Santacruz nipples. 🙂

    Not ridden the Tallboy but the Pivot mach 429C is a Great bike, plus 1st 29er I have really ridden. Now have a smuggler on order.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Whyte t129
    New Orange Segment
    Transition Smuggler

    Would all be higher on my list. And none of them are even what I ride (Kona Process 111, probably heavier than you wish).

    The Tallboy LT just got superseded by the Hightower, is that correct? So the short travel Tallboy must be on borrowed time in the SC range now?

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