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  • Travel insurance recommendations- Dogtag not selling cover at the moment
  • alwillis
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    Going cross country skiing in Norway in a few weeks as a fairly last minute holiday, and obviously need insurance.

    My normal go-to would be dogtag, but they aren’t doing any new sales at the moment it seems. Who else would STW recommend?

    Even though it’s XC skiing I think it will need winter sports cover, and I would rather not skimp on cover with current travel conditions.

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    I just did a round of research for family Annual multi trip and came back with Cedartree who use AXA. Top COVID cover and Cedartree have a good customer service reputation. Not specialist sports cover though, but they do have the option.

    It was available from the meerkat site so I bought it from there also giving us option for discounted food and cinima.

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    I’ve had a good experience with getcover (compare the market one, I think) for a few trips to the US where I wanted decent COVID medical cover. Real people in an office when I had to speak to them too. No claims though.

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    I went with snowcard this year having seen that dogtag couldn’t quote. Going to try and shop around a bit more next year as I reckon I paid a bit over the odds.

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    Pedalcover and yellow Jersey or other recommendations equivalent to dog tag and snowcard. Not a skier, so never tried them for that, but they do cover scuba diving, so likely skiing too.

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    We use Yellow Jersey for our annual cover. Went to them when Snowcard and then Dogtag got far too expensive.
    The policy also covers winter sports

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    Insure and go have been good on both mountain bike and snow related claims.

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    Sort of related question as looking at renewal now we can (hopefully) get our bikes on a plane again – can you run two insurance policies – say a low cost general purpose travel that does provide Covid and Legal cover and then Yellow Jersey for the MTB medical? Yellow Jersey are not covering Covid in any way nor do they include any legal.

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    Does your bank account include any travel insurance or can you get it upgraded to one that does?  I’ve stuck with mine for a few years now as it generally seems to work out quite well cost-wise for an annual policy.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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