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    I caught crabs bending over Portsmouth harbour wall once.

    And, at the other end of the spectrum, I spotted this in my LFS the other day;

    Pictured below is the exclusive Robjent’s Dual Smuggler . Due to the exceptional quality of its revolutionary Japanese ‘ultra high modulus graphite blank, it can be assembled in two lengths (7 or 9 ) hence the two handle sections. This rod fits conveniently into a briefcase or an overnight bag, making it the ultimate travelling rod as it will suit all trout fishing situations: be it stream, river or lake. This unique blank is used throughout our range of fly rods Available either as 2, 3 or 4 piece; from 7′ trout rods to 15’ double-handed salmon rods.


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    Difficult without spending a bomb.

    The Decathlon one’s are ok & cheap enough.

    I often take a small kit with me when cycling/walking in North Wales.
    Some surprising finds in the little mountain tarns.

    A normal rod in bits taped to the top tube works surprisingly well.
    No baliffs or gamekeepers up there either!


    I have a Shakespeare Expedition fly rod which is excellent quality and cost about £45. I’m sure they do course versions also


    Can anyone recommend a decent fishing rod that will fit in a suitcase? I seem to buy a cheap telescopic one each year for the kids but they rust like hell and need to be replaced annually!


    They are either cheap and nasty or expensive, FWIW I have a Harrison 4 piece Avon which is 11 1/2 feetand ideal for a bit of pier/estuary/river fishing but would set you back about £200 but packs down smallish
    I also have a 4 piece greys rod which can be used at 9 ft or 12 ft they go on ebay for about 70 quid

    Shimano do a spinning rod STX or something that used to get good reviews

    That pic is the Harrison – £120 when I bought it back in 2005 just shows you its not just bike stuff that has rocketed

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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