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  • mickasaki

    Is there any reason why you cant use the negative air pressure to reduce the travel / ride height on 150mm Revs? i’ve got a new frame coming which really wants shorter travel forks than 150. The forks have only had about 20 hours use since new so dont really want to open them up if i dont have too 🙂

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    Well, you can do it but it’ll have a big impact on how they work too, definately wouldn’t recommend it- balancing dual air to your taste is an important part of setting up a Rockshox fork.

    Fitting an all-travel spacer is dead straightforward, don’t stress about it.

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    I think unless they’re the dual position you have to open them up to insert spacers.

    Imagine that running the pressures too low might damage the unit on big hits?

    Someone with much more knowledge and vitriol will be along in a moment.


    I’ve found my Revs sink in travel by themselves after 3-4 months and I’ve been using them with only 130mm of the 150mm travel! I haven’t discovered any problems.


    Is there any reason why you cant use the negative air pressure to reduce the travel / ride height on 150mm Revs?

    Yeah, thats not what its for.

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    Personally I don’t see a problem. The negative air chamber is small and really all it does is help with the initial movement of the fork. As soon as the fork starts to compress that small chamber becomes a lot larger relative to it’s original size as the fork moves through its travel; given this increase in size the pressure will drop and have little effect on the fork performance. Therefore slightly increasing the negative air pressure to reduce the travel will have no major impact. imo of course 🙂

    Although, long term, I stick the all travel spacer in…Peterpoddy’s guide is what you need: YGM

    I’ve done that with my girlfriend’s old revelations. They’re the 90-130mm version (IIRC) and the Giant Trance frame they went on really needed 120mm. So we’ve been running higher pressures in the -ve side and it all seems to work fine – it makes the forks really plush in the first part of the stroke, and I suppose gives the fork a bit more room to move rather than top out. I don’t really see a problem and they’ve worked fine for 3+ years, but perhaps someone who actually knows can weigh in on this?


    I’m just lazy really, and not worried about how technical it is to fit the reducer shim. i have a habit of changing bikes a bit, so try to avoid dismatling things! The recomended travel is going to be corrected by the amount of sag you use in the suspension anyways i suppose. The forks wont be running at 150 once your sat on the bike anyway unless the fronts off the ground ❓


    Its good to get to know the ins and outs of your forks. It’ll save you loads on service costs. I always do my own, no special tools needed, just a little bit of fork oil and maybe thicker stuff for Fox’s (fluid).

    For the Revs, you’ll also need a circlip plier to remove the circlip at the bottom of the inners/stanchions.
    Remove lowers by letting air out, undoing the bolts at bottom of each leg. Dont remove completely at first, so you can, using a rubber mallet or wood+hammer, give the rods a whack to knock them upwards and free them. Remove bolt/nut completely and drain the bit of oil. Pull lowers off.
    Guide here:
    Now get circlip pliers out and remove circlip from air damper side only. Push the rod up and rubber stopper to make it easier. Now pull rod down and remove bottom parts (cant remember which, see manual), add spacer or 2. Install parts again, and then circlip (make sure its located proper). Insert lowers and whilst there is space/no rods extending out of lowers, add 15ml/15wt fork oil using a syringe. Add bolt/nut and tighten. Jobs a goodun


    servicing and fitting reducer shims in rockshox is easypeasy

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