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  • Training advice – running & biking events
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    Looking for any experiences with this.

    I’m down to do a 10k running event in April. I’ve done plenty in the past and would hope to get close to what I used to able to manage so I’ll need to do some miles and interval training. I have a plan starting late Feb (10wks before). At the moment I’m starting to run 1-2 times a week to get used to it again.

    There are a couple of bike events on in April / May that I would very much like to do. I’ll need to manage very long days but pace probably isn’t as important. One of the events is a week before the 10k. I have a decent length bike commute so I would probably be looking to keep that up + 1 quality ride a week by way of training for the bike events.

    I’m worried that I’ll either be bust from the bike ride and do a rubbish 10k a week later, or I’ll end up a bit rubbish at both the bike and run by trying to do both.

    I’d be interested in anyone’s successes or glorious failures with attempting this kind of thing.

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    Nah, it’s only 10k. Your biking won’t have any impact on it, and vice versa

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    That’s what I’m hoping, I’ll just turn up and run like the wind.

    I’m also mindful of it starting a dangerous descent into triathlon.

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