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  • Trail Conditions at 7 Stanes
  • Dogsby
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    Does anyone know what the trail conditions are like at the 7 Stanes at the moment? I am heading up there next week from down south and I am trying to decide what kit and tyres to take. Any help appreciated.


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    I’m going to Glentress tomorrow.Will post up on Monday as to how it was.
    Anyone got any idea if it’s rideable at the moment or would we be better taking sledges?

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    There was a lot of rain this afternoon apparently and it is bloody cold now at Inners, so i’m thinking ice.

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    The 7 stanes covers a very large are so you will need to be more specific as to which centre you plan to ride this weekend.

    If you check the 7 stanes site you will find some trail conditions listed for each centre. I am about 30 mins from Glentress and we still have snow on the ground. So I would guess ther is still a fair bit on the trails up at Glentress/ Inners.

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    the galloway stanes eg kirr dbt and mabie have been icy with some packed snow however it has rained all day the snow has cleared in castle douglas so i would say that they are all fine just now the best tyres are up to you but my mates and i all ride fast rolling small block stylie best on grit and trails nae mud to speak of up here jjust puddl;es

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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