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  • Euro

    Ever done it? Not in a billy no mates way but alone? I had a trail centre (Davagh, NI) all to myself this morning. Driving up through freezing fog to the haunted car park was a little unnerving but Mr Sun appeared during my hurried, fear induced poo to scared the fog away and provide a warm welcome.

    And since there was only me, i took the opportunity to skip the boring road and gravel climbs and rode up the trails. Pretty interesting it was too. Some really nice wandering ascents with enough rocks and drops to get over to provide a bit of a challenge. Also meant i could make sure the trail was clear for the way back down again.

    If you don’t mind riding solo and you can find an empty trail centre, i’d recommend it. 😉

    Also got to try out the integrated GoPro mount on the Bell Super. Just took a couple of shots but i think i prefer the side helmet view, though maybe if there was someone in front it would look more better.

    /boring helmet cam/



    I have no friends to ride with 😥
    And seeing as live pretty much next door to one I take the opportunity to ride round it backwards occasionally (usually at first light on a weekday in the summer, before work).

    Premier Icon adsh

    When I was last there I needed 11 others with me and a one of those things that ‘copter tape originated from. I’m glad things have changed!

    Premier Icon Nick

    Yep, done CyB when it was the MBR, NyA, Glentress and bits of the Cli-Machx on my own, mid week or evening, didn’t see anyone else.

    Premier Icon langylad

    Do Gisburn regularly alone, done it at night a couple of times which was interesting


    Ever done it

    Solo riding is probably the norm for lots of folks. Whatever it is I’m planning if buddies are free and keen I’ll go with them if they’re not I’ll go alone.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Cannock, plenty of times.


    Only every ridden them alone! Usually very early as well generally on the trails by 6-8am depending on the light and time of year, so rarely bump into anyone at all often the first car in the carpark.

    Makes it a lot less embarrassing when i collapse of exhaustion after the first small climb…


    Done Hamsterley alone. Got there at about 1pm, car park was half full but once I went out I didn’t see anyone until I got back. There was something nice about just being able to go my own pace as usually I’m a bit slow on the ups and people have to wait.

    Premier Icon big_scot_nanny

    Laggan this summer, early one beautiful morning on my todd, except for the nice lady in the catering van.

    Lovely it was too, although I bottled the black at the thought of splatting myself badly.

    Was a nice experience.

    Rob Hilton

    I’ve had the descent on the Climachx to myself for days at a time 🙂

    Happy days they were…


    done Coed y Brenin with no cars in the car park, might have been the fact it was mid week and snowing?

    Good fun though, quiet, time to think etc.


    Solo is the norm for me as it’s so much hard work getting people out riding. Done Inners and Glentress a couple of times. I like being able to go at my own pace everywhere and take detours or repeat the fun parts.

    Hamsterley is my local at a mere one hour away. It’s easy to catch that place empty. I know it gets busy but everyone seems to be packing up when I arrive which means I get a lie in and empty trails. I wouldn’t do it any other way.

    Done hamsterley alone in the dark as well. Whole different ball game!


    Solo norm for me too. My mates either have kids or can’t keep up, or both.


    Coed Y B The Beast mid week torential rain , carpark was empty , cafe had some walkers in taking refuge. stood in the shower for £2’s worth trying to warm up, awesome ride though brakes stopped working with the volume of water, never ridden so fast 😀

    Rorschach is my friend but we never seem to get to ride , and he is way way faster than me , he would have to do alot of waiting 😀

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    Been the first one in the car park at Afan before, did loop of the wall and not a soul about when I got back.


    Loads of times, usually go somewhere on holidaywith Mrs and the dogs, and I end up at a trail centre midweek on my own. Absolutely love it, go at my own pace get cake and take herself for a hard earned tea andcake, well she has been looking after the dogs. 🙂


    Far too often, tend to go on the a biking hol with the OH she has the realisation that after one go at a trail its too difficult and doesn’t like it. So ive rode wolftrax, Witches Trails (fort william), Nevis Red (immense fun!!), Glentress, Afan (all trails!) and regularly Cannock.

    Great fun blasting round trails, only problem is i always have in the back of my mind i just hope i don’t have an accident. Especially as some days i never see another biker on the trails at all.


    Pretty much had Chicksands to myself today! Didn’t help my skills much though…… 😉

    Premier Icon hairyscary

    I’ve had Laggan, Golspie, Balblair, Pitfichie and the Moray monster trails to myself. Scotland is ace.
    I used to ride Glen Fiddich and Glen Livet a lot and only ever saw one person, once…..Scotland is ace.


    I’ve ridden Afan countless times by myself. Not a soul about. Still wouldn’t ride it backwards though!!!! How do you know someone hasn’t arrived and is heading round the correct way???

    Premier Icon hot_fiat

    Have ridden llandegla, cyb, carron valley, hamsterley, kielder (loads of times) and glentress on my own. All were either afternoon or early evening rides in the summer apart from one epic day at glentress with 3″ of snow on the ground. Midweek is best for the feeling of being away from it all. You might see the odd xc whippet, but the likelihood is you’ll see more squirrels, deer, boar or badgers than people. Just don’t forget to tell someone where you’re off to.


    Used to ride Cwm Carn solo about once or twice a month when living closer and rarely saw anyone else. Even at the weekends I’d only ever see people at the very start getting ready to ride DH but no-one on Twrch. I didn’t ride much in Summer but in Winter it was pretty empty!

    Premier Icon chrisdw

    Penmachno on my own all the time. And at night. Very quiet at night!

    Premier Icon Jon Taylor

    I sometimes Climachx by myself.


    Used to do Glentress regularly on my way home from work, summer there would be bods about but winter forget it used to never see a soul except in the car park


    Yes. All of the following in the last year or two:

    Cwm Rhaeadr

    Mostly at night but sometimes just by pure chance. Had a night off between two night shifts back a few months ago so did FOD and Cwmcarn at night and didn’t see a soul on either, even on the drive between I had the roads to myself!!

    Being all alone in the middle of nowhere on your bike is ace, especially on a clear night 😀

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    It’s the only way for me usually.

    Unreliable mates, usually late or not at all, I’ve given up even waiting now, in fact, I’ve given up asking them.

    Also, I usually work alone and manage to cram a ride in with that sometimes

    Inness, Glentress, Lagan, FoD with work,

    Llandegla, Cannock otherwise.

    It can get a bit scary at times (big off stuff not monsters) and riding the black at Lagan last thing in the afternoon when there were no cars in the car park was a bit disconcerting but I soon forgot all that when up to speed.


    I’ve only ever ridden on my own. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

    b r

    GT and Innerleithen are great in reverse, although I’ve only done them at night/dusk with pals. Often done them in day-time by myself.


    I’ve ridden trail centres a few times with other people but almost always ride with myself which I tend to prefer as I can go at whatever pace I want, re-do certain bits I want to try again etc. And if I wait for my mate who rides then it’s always late as he has no concept of time management/organisation.

    For BMX I hate riding by myself though, it’s just not the same as when all my mates used to ride.


    How do you know someone hasn’t arrived and is heading round the correct way???

    Removed my earphones so i could listen out. I think anyone coming the other way would have heard my panting and puffing from miles off.

    Just don’t forget to tell someone where you’re off to.

    😳 I never thought of that but it makes total sense and i will next time. I did wear knee pads so i was thinking ‘safety first’ sort of 😀

    GT and Innerleithen are great in reverse

    I bet they are, and they’re not bad the right way too.


    Going round on your own lets you work on your times better or have a look at som more daunting and technical areas without the fear of holding people up.

    Premier Icon dukeduvet

    Yes at Glentress.

    One very hot and sunny Saturday tea time one June. Saw a few folks in the car park but not many. Had the trails to myself which surprised me a lot for such good weather. One of those rides that has something special about it and stays in your head.


    I ride on my own a fair bit. Quite happy going to a trail centre on my Todd and often do Cannock at night on my own too….didn’t see another soul out last Thursday.

    I also ride with others but sometimes it’s nice to go at my own pace etc.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito


    Used to have to visit a customer in Llanelli fairly frequently, so would take the bike with me and stop off at Afan on my way home.

    Never been worried riding on my own, day or night.



    Premier Icon woody2000

    I had a lovely ride round Dalby on my own last year. Turned up about 7ish, rode the whole of the red and didn’t see (or hear) another soul. Saw plenty of surprised wildlife though 🙂

    Premier Icon Bregante

    Yep. I work shifts so I regularly get time off in the week, so Gisburn, Lee Quarry and Llandegla are all regular haunts on my Tod.

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