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    Yep true not been in a while, they’d still be better for our firm than TP. With 13,500 houses to maintain I’m pretty sure we could get much better service than we do. More of a rant against out rubbish office staff really which is irrelevant to this so adios.


    25kg bag of skim from my local Jewson – £6.80
    25kg bag of skim from Wickes on the trade card £5.12

    I find Jewson and Travis’ will Rob you blind for bits and bobs. I paid £9.80 for a can of exapanding foam from Jewson last month. Fool.

    Premier Icon ajantom

    TP = Shower of shite.

    A School I used to work in had a TP opposite the entrance. We had an account, and as a DT teacher I’d occasionally pop in for some bits needed for projects.

    I thought they were overcharging me, so I compared notes with my technician. Turned out that even though we had an account and they knew I worked at the school they would always give him about 20% more discount than me.

    In the end I opened an account with a different supplier about 5 miles away, and we ordered from them. Free delivery too. Probably spent about 2k a year on materials.


    Incase anyone was interested I’ve just priced up a load of timber, sand and gravel…

    Wickes = £380
    Local merchant #1 = £407
    Local merchant #2 = £318

    It certainly pays to shop around!

    Great service from the Tile Flair trade counter in Bristol today. 33.3% discount and they were friendly, helpful and polite. Which was nice.

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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