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  • mcmoonter

    Flange. I’ve never had any issues with a cardboard box, they are especially handy if your start an finishing point are different. Recycle at the airport and pick up another either at a bike shop or from the airline.

    There is a huge touring scene in the US. The weather is generally very good and camping in most state parks guarantees a shower with your $5 fee.

    I found a Vaya from here in a wanted ad. I’m still building it up. It came with cable adjusters. I’m really chuffed with it so far.


    Ferry to Zeebrugge, cycle to the F1, visiting WW1 battlefields.
    Eurostar back.
    Soooo looking forward to hols.

    Premier Icon flange

    Thanks mcmoonter – seems like a much better idea than faffing around with a bike bag.

    Have started planning already!


    mugsys_m8 – are you looking to sell your trailer? We are looking for a doubel chariot!

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    I’m going to pootle around the mid-Loire at the end of may.

    it’s my stated goal to return home tous les jours, avec du vin, du fromage, et du pain. All carried majestically in my panniers.

    i’d love to go and have a pootle around the lochs near Aberfoyle; i have a childish desire to have a paddle in loch Drunkie.

    not really ‘touring’ as such i admit…


    WRT in May, then some sort of roadbikepacking adventure between that and July – a couple of nights out on the road bike, home to wales, something in wales then home probably) and then another July attempt at a solo lakes 200 after my failure to complete it last year. I’m starting from a better set of base miles this year, so should be a lot fitter and more able to cover the distances at speed.

    Planning a circular C2C, starting in Durham, heading up to Prudhoe to pick up the Hadrian’s Cycleway, and following that along to Whitehaven, before heading back across to Sunderland.

    Wanted to do the WRT, but can’t manage it with work, so probably going to aim for a few days bikepacking in Mid Wales sometime over summer.

Viewing 7 posts - 46 through 52 (of 52 total)

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