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  • (Tory) Councillor and the bike lane. Slow hand clap…
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    I’m more than happy to go back to them, but I’ve never done this type of thing before so need help with the wording of follow up request so that they can’t just keep swerving it.

    With regard to Equalities Impact Assessment, Im not in a protected group, I thought only disabled cyclists could tackle councils with EIA. Isn’t that what has been used to open up cycle lanes that have had A-frames/slalom gates put in? Or am I mixing up my equalities stuff?

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    Further to my request for information on <insert date> I wish to clarify my request for information due to my dissatisfaction with your response on <insert date>
    Please can you provide me the following
    1. minutes or records, including emails, or written directives that detail the instructions given, and the reasoning for removal of the ‘WAND’ on Chorley New Road Cycle Lane.
    2. A copy of the environmental impact assessment undertaken for the removal
    3. A copy of the equalities impact assessment undertaken for the removal
    4. Documents and assessments, including emails, pertaining to the health and safety implications for all users of Chorley New Road undertaken before and after the recent changes

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    That looks pretty good to me. They might try and say it’s disproportionate cost to collate it all but the Info Commission would disagree I think.

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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