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  • Top and Bottom Chain Guide
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    I am having some issues with riding really rough stuff and my chain coming off the chainring, its happened a few times recently and is starting to bug me, it looks like it comes off the bottom of the chainring and when I put in a back pedal it then comes off all the way around and the top chain guide cant stop it!

    Does anyone know of a company that makes a chain guide that is like the top only guide which sits above the chainring and chain but doesnt touch it, but also has the same design on the bottom?  I’d like to avoid the DH style guide with jockey wheels if possible.

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    I just bought ANOTHER  of the 2x E13 TRS ones… CRC doing £13-14…. I’m then going to use with a top mount top guide… but testing on Saturday it seems pretty good… YMMV etc. but unless one is touching and holding the chain tight its probably not going to be very effective.  What size cassette are you using… etc. I’m convinced I could get mine to stay put IF the chain was too short for the 42T and full travel…

    I bought the 1st one… and happy enough to buy a 2nd to fit to the geared DJ-ish HT.

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    Thanks for the recommendation Steve, just looked and they dont do the E13 to work with a 28tooth, looks like the smallest size is 32tooth. I’m running 28 with 10-42 on the back, find the issue when i am in the higher gears/smaller cogs on the back.

    Had the issue last night whilst riding Dartmoor, moving my back foot down to move my weight for turning and the chain popped off again! I’ve had a good scout on the internet and am thinking of ordering this: although its $175 so around £125 but looking at the DH E13 chain retention guides and bashguards this seems to be the going rate. Before I pull the trigger, has anyone else got any recommendations?

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