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  • Top 5 Fave YouTube channels
  • Premier Icon onandon
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    Getting bored with Tv so watching more YouTube channels than before.

    Post your top five faves

    Steve1989 MREinfo
    Unbox Therapy

    I’ve excluded project binkey and Harry’s garage as the shows are too sporadic.

    Premier Icon M1llh0use
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    “Singletrack sampler” overly excited American hippie-MTBer.

    Expect lots of “WOOOHOOOO” “YEEEHAAA” and the like, with lots of GoPro gimbal action…

    Premier Icon jimjam
    Free Member

    At the minute

    Redletter Media – funny film reviews.
    Schmee150 – endearing toff with nice cars.
    Great Grappling – self explanatory.
    Harry’s Garage – Harry Metcalf and his cars.
    Jack Slack – MMA (and boxing) fight analysis.

    Premier Icon ferrals
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    UCI – does what it says on the tin
    Roderic Kreunan/ cyclocrossable/cyclocrossfan – for all your euro cyclocross needs
    world surf league – surfing contests

    not very exciting, but you did ask 😳

    Premier Icon 4130s0ul
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    GMBN – mtb
    Gaskings – Cars (Funny)
    Motor Trend Channel – Car related gubbins including Roadkill
    Angry Joe – Games review
    Tested – Nerdfest

    Premier Icon benjamins11
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    Mighty car mods
    Eric the car guy
    Fully charged
    Epic TV
    BBQ pit boys

    Premier Icon YoKaiser
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    Ralfystuff, whisky reviews, very entertaining even if you have only a passing interest in whisky.

    Premier Icon ulysse
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    Seth’s bike hacks
    Skills with phill

    Premier Icon simon_g
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    5x makey ones:

    Chris Salomone
    Frank Howarth
    Laura Kampf
    Kyle Toth

    5x car ones:

    Tom’s Turbo Garage (sporadic but a couple of good past projects)
    B is for Build
    Finnegan’s Garage
    Engineering Explained

    Other honourable mentions:

    Smarter Every Day
    ARiemann1 (beautifully shot MX/adventure bike stuff)
    How to DAD

    Premier Icon choppersquad
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    I only watch Scotty Cranmers videos because the guy is a genius on a BMX, multiple X Games gold medalist and very humble and grateful that he gets to earn a living from the sport.
    Tragically if you don’t know, he had a very bad face plant recently and broke his back. There have been further videos of him in hospital recovering, but he’s still in a wheelchair and has had the front of his skull removed because of a blood clot on the brain.
    If you get ten minutes, watch an old video to see how good he is, then watch a recovery video to see how someone can be so positive and upbeat after having such a life changing accident.

    Premier Icon spooky_b329
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    I reckon 90% of my viewing is now Youtube.

    Kombi Life
    SV Seeker
    Gone with the Wynns

    Premier Icon Klunk
    Free Member

    only really watch 2

    project binky
    inside the chieftains hatch (6foot6 bloke in tanks)

    Premier Icon wallop
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    Ozzy Man Reviews

    Premier Icon stevego
    Free Member

    Scishow space

    Premier Icon shifter
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    Today I’ve learnt that Youtube has channels.

    Premier Icon GrahamS
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    Today I’ve learnt that Youtube has channels.

    Lesson 2: you can subscribe to those channels and it will tell you when new stuff is posted on them and will also give you recommendations for similar channels you might like.

    Premier Icon Rorschach
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    Windsurfing Tv
    Chris Harris On Cars (rip)
    Mighty Car Mods (mad)

    Premier Icon shifter
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    Thanks, I shall have a look.

    Premier Icon Cowman
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    Don’t have 5. But Monday never is really enjoyable escapism.

    Premier Icon ulysse
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    If you like Scishow, give Vsauce a whirl…

    Premier Icon Bustaspoke
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    I only really watch GMBN The Dirt shed show is a must watch every week.
    In Summer I watch Red Bull’s channel for the World Cup MTB stuff.
    Everything else I watch is a bit random.
    I just watched a great little video with Steve Peat,Guy Martin & Joe Barnes up in Scotland ‘Mojo trail diaries’.
    Most other stuff I watch concerns motorcycle racing or Rugby League.
    I think these days,certainly when the RL season is on,I watch more Youtube than TV

    Premier Icon leegee
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    Colin Furze

    Gt Channel. Translated Japanese Best motoring episodes.

    Premier Icon piedidiformaggio
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    Crimson Guitars
    Andertons Music
    Clarets TV
    Colin Furze
    Simon’s Cat

    Premier Icon federalski
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    Scotty Cramner – The inner child in me still likes to watch some BMX vids, good fun content on here daily.

    IFL – Boxing interviews aplenty

    GCN – Really good, sure we all know about it.

    GMBN – Same as above.

    The Game Chasers – Now up to date on the seasons, but great video game show and could imagine it on TV if it wasn’t so niche.

    I use YouTube quite a lot, been really handy for lower league Scottish football highlights, Cyclocross, WSOP shows and plenty more.

    Premier Icon aphex_2k
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    Joe Rogan
    Russell Brand
    Unbox Therapy
    Boiler Room

    Peppa Pig (for my daughter. honestly. oink)

    Premier Icon ulysse
    Free Member

    Peppa Pig (for my daughter. honestly. oink)

    After 2+ years of daily exposure to that god-awful creation, I’d happily take an eraser to it…
    Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom, on the other hand 😉

    Premier Icon benjamins11
    Free Member

    Colin Furze is a good shout.

    Premier Icon Malvern Rider
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    +1Fully charged. Just watching again and have to say it is REALLY nice to see quality production, presentation is engaging as is the content and not hardly a whiff of identity politics. Just watched a Tesla Wall installed and the Renault Electric Show coverage.

    the anti-TG?


    – the slow-mo guys. Because I want to see a 1000 mousetraps go off in slow motion on a trampoline. And stuff.

    – Dave Jenvey. Englishman learning how to mtb. Brummie Balls of steel and nerves of custard. Compelling like a car crash. Ok, bike crash. Lots of.

    – failarmy. Because late night beers after a ride need this.

    – MCQ Bushcraft

    Premier Icon chillnflow
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    MTB stuff
    BKXC (Seems mortal..not doing tail whips 50ft in air all day)
    Singletrack sampler (but too much stoke sometimes)
    Nate Hills (him and his boys can ride, try the Slickrock one for starters)
    Seth bike hacks
    (Have just about got over the Americanness of the above now..)
    Need some more UK ones…

    Premier Icon doncorleoni
    Free Member

    Colin furze
    Slingshot channel (joerg)
    World flight / live the adventure
    Matt stonie
    La beast
    Jennies garage
    Forgotten weapons
    Ted talks
    Tom Scott
    Smarter everyday
    Hydraulic press channel
    Fail army

    I could go on

    Don’t watch tv anymore

    Premier Icon mrdobermann
    Free Member

    Dave Jenvey

    Premier Icon gowerboy
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    Ed Pratt – the unicycle around the world guy. He makes a great bike travel video – and is a great change from the usual bikepacking dudes.

    Premier Icon spooky_b329
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    Ed Prat seconded. He met up with Chris Beaumont on his World trip.

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge
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    Dave jenvey.

    Premier Icon plumber
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    Don’t watch tv anymore

    this 🙂

    Premier Icon kayak23
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    Tall Order Webisodes- Bas Keep and friends, amazing bmx rider, did the Walls series and RedBull quartermaster at Revolution Bikepark.


    Harry Main- Another amazing park bmx rider who’s recently getting into mtb. You have to skip around his vlogs about doing his washing and shit though…


    Ali Clarkson Awesome trials rider. In the Drop and Roll team with Danny Mac.


    Ben Cathro- Scottish racer and skills coach. Great insights into racing interspersed with some really cool sections on technique and line choice at world cups etc. Also, just seems a sound geezer.


    Racer TV Beautiful cafe racer and custom motorcycles.


    Premier Icon WillH
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    SmarterEveryDay – general sciencey stuff, explained well. Check out the one where he got invited to see the Mars Rover twin that NASA keep in a shed.
    standupmaths – nerdy maths stuff with a bit of stand-up comedy (about maths). Lots of stuff about the maths behind day-today things.
    Cody’sLab – proper dangerous physics and chemistry experiments done by a self-taught bloke in his garage.
    Veritasium – more science, explained well.
    WranglerStar – Some bloke who lives on and works a big chunk of the arse end of nowhere in the states. He’s a god’n’guns redneck but I’ll forgive him that because 95% of his videos don’t mention either god or guns, and he has a passion for tools, especially antiques. I started watching for his series on building a treehouse, but stayed for the tools.

    Honourable mentions:

    LastWeekTonight – John Oliver
    Physics Girl – more sciencey goodness
    Vsauce , Vsauce2 and Vsauce3 – I’m beginning to see a pattern here…
    and of course colinfurze

    Premier Icon joeydeacon
    Free Member


    Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast – essentially him having hour long chats with celebrities/comedians using (usually slightly filthy) questions they’ve never been asked before. Had everyone from Fry, Izzard, Coogan, Pegg etc to lesser known.

    This reads like an advert, it ain’t, I just love this series!

    Premier Icon kayak23
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    and of course colinfurze

    These days he’s become a bit big time and doesn’t seem to appeal so much for me.
    I loved it when he was just some crazy cat in his shed but now a lot of his inventions are sponsor-led seemingly.
    Mind you, he’s just paying his bills I guess…

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