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  • Ti 29er finished
  • Not being funny, but has the image distorted?


    I thought that. It looks like its been crashed into something. Or is it a 26" wheel or summink?

    'tis finally finished and has been ridden – any thoughts.

    Possibly a layback seatpost?


    What is it…? Voodoo something? Angles do look a little steep, but I like 29er's, they have deffinate advantages. If you do for a layback seatpost, please….whatever you do, don't get one of those riddiculous bent Thompson creations.

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    Looks a bit "squashed"?

    whatever you do, don't get one of those riddiculous bent Thompson creations.

    He's right…

    Get a Thomson one instead… 😉

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    The head angle is really really steep! is it supposed to have 100mm forks or 80mm?

    Shorter stem may help it look better, but then you'd need a layback post.

    It does look…well…odd really. Don't you think?


    the MMTS factor is around 93%

    looks like a pig to ride – does it have a29" rear and 26" front? if so – why?


    Take the gears off??

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    It's a photo, people! It'll look different in real life.. and IIRC the geometry of Voodoo 29ers isn't that weird.

    Looks like a lovely build, Mr Chimp. What size is it?

    Personally I'd maybe plump for a shorter stem (although it's hard to tell what length that one is) and a layback post, but that's just me. If you go for a layback s/post, I recommend Control Tech – similar build quality as far as I can tell to Thomson, nicer design for a little layback, and much cheaper too.. although you've ridden it, and it's your bike, so far be it from me to preach. What do *you* think? 🙂

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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