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  • Thread lock on tubeless valves
  • Premier Icon panzerjager
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    Has anybody resorted to using threadlock on their tubeless valves & were there any unforeseen problems?

    I’m getting royally pi##ed off with valve being the weak link in my tubeless set-up.

    It seems every time I need to pump up the tyre with my mini pump the valve core loosens or comes out & in tightening it back up the whole thing spins.

    Tore the sidewall of my tyre at the weekend, the sticky worm fixed the hole but still ended up putting a tube in because the valve wouldn’t seal again!!

    I’ve tried 3 different brands of valve with the same result, is threadlock the answer to my woes??

    Even tried a push-on valve with no success.

    Premier Icon aP
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    Just get a valve core “key” and tighten up the valve core properly.

    Premier Icon panzerjager
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    I have one, I use it & I carry one in my pack.
    Hasn’t solved the problem
    You can only tighten it as long as you have a set of grips on the outer, as this is as round as the hole in the rim!

    Premier Icon greyspoke
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    I take the opposite approach, oil and grease. Grease the thread on the ring that holds the valve outer in the rim, also grease the thread between the valve core and the outer (and don’;t do it up too tight). Occasionaly a blob of oil on the tip of the valve before inflating. The idea is to keep the sealant from gumming up the threads and valve.

    Premier Icon neilforrow
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    PTFE / Plumbers tape works for me.

    Premier Icon TiRed
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    every time I need to pump up the tyre with my mini pump the valve core loosens

    Lezyne? Get another pump.

    Premier Icon panzerjager
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    Haha, yeah, Lezyne…the threaded collar is obviously too tight & the slip on one i bought is bloody useless.

    New pump is next on the list.

    Thanks for the advice, I’ll try a different pump but the ptfe sounds interesting too.


    Premier Icon igm
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    I may have deliberately got Stans on the core threads before inserting it with one valve.

    It worked.

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge
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    Aye, I love the truflo mini track pump, apart from the screw on head, it’s a pain on the hoop.

    Premier Icon simply_oli_y
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    I’ve a Lezyne mini pump, and swapped the threaded end for a push on chuck, much better.

    As for valve core tools i found a metal one to be far better than the plastic ones that come with mavic etc valves.

    Premier Icon shermer75
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    Isn’t that what the button on lezyne hoses is for?

    Premier Icon greatbeardedone
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    As for metal valve removal tools, schwalbe make a rather excellent mini tool.

    It can remove three different valve cores (inc. car and presta), and also has some handy size Allen keys and screwdrivers.

    Costs approx £18
    Or £13 on plus £5 postage.

    Feels like quality and very dinky.

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