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  • Theresa May
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    As we discussed before 96% of Llyods Insurance business is outside the EU, they are looking at a small rep office in Malta to “front” the 4% if needed

    Well given that I head up the underwriting operations in europe and beyond for one of the biggest insurers in the world, I think I’m more than aware of how lloyds works.

    The ability of lloyds underwriters to situs contracts will be severely impacted by brexit once passporting goes away. The freedom of service licences UK insurers use to sell business across Europe will be wiped out

    Why buy from a UK insurer with countless hoops to jump through when you can buy from an EU insurer with none of those issues.

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    Aren’t we diverting this thread too much from dear Theresa? We know that she doesn’t believe in Brexshit

    You’re right, she doesn’t.

    But she’s so focussed on saving her own job and keeping her party in power that she’ll forego any personal conviction and plough ahead regardless

    Well she is the PM and leader of the party who promised to implement the result of the referendum. She is simply keeping her word despite the damage it will do her. Quite magnanimous really when you think about it.


    shes dirty diggers pet baboon she has no personal conviction.

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