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  • jock-muttley

    Yeah it’s not strictly a mountain bike and this is a LONG shot given the locale but as this is STW and the wings spread far and wide I’ll give it a go someone may have seen it to me we are ALL cyclists no matter what age, pick on one of us and face the wrath of us all.

    ‘scuse the spelling but I just lifted it from my facebook page. This is Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders

    Scott O’Brien

    My wee man had his bike stolen from the park at howden cres on wednesday night at about 6:15 it is a silver and black ralgieh striker it has footballs on the frame and seat a football bell and the front reflector is broken if any1 sees it could u pls let me or nat know that would be gr8. needless to say sam is devastated

    I think it’s one of these

    It’s probably another kid or a teenager thats taken it… makes my piss boil… grrrrr


    There are some snivelling scumbags around, to steal a small child’s bike, but, sadly, their attitude is ‘they’ve got it, my kid hasn’t and wants it, so I’ll just take it.’
    Makes you want to find the perp on a dark night with a pickaxe handle in your hands… 😈


    Caught a kid just wandering off with one of our sledges the other month, he got a round of **** and was soon put in his place…


    I blame the parents

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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