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  • The great British Mountain bike community.
  • tang

    Yesterday I encountered a veritable smorgasbord of riders: Full DH boys, dirt jumpers, handy looking trail riders, racing snake, MAMIL’s, single speeder with no helmet and the rarely seen 3 guys on bikes straight out of late 80s with walking boots and map boards. All without exception were smiling and friendly, enjoying their own different relationship with Wintery Sunday dirt. Despite my other bikes and deviations, I was pleasently reminded of where my cycling heart belongs. My mug of tea is well and truly raised this morning.

    Premier Icon stewartc

    I find that this is generally true of most mountain bikers, not just in Britain.
    Do not think I have been involved in a pursuit where I have received so much help, guidance and encouragement and as a result, I always try to give it back on the trail.

    Premier Icon jameso

    A cuppa raised to that.

    Premier Icon fathomer

    Hear, hear 😀


    Shhhh… this is STW. You have to hate everyone else other than you and your mates and even then you should ideally be subtly snide about them.

    Premier Icon hatter

    MTB’ing is an inherently daft activity that requires a certain mindset to truly enjoy, especially in the U.K. in Winter.

    Haven’t managed to get dirt under my wheels nearly enough this year but every time I go out I’m reminded how good it is for the soul what nice chaps and chapesses those who ride bikes on dirt tend to be.

    Happy trails people.

    Premier Icon weeksy

    It’s stunning out there lately, dry but wet enough to slip a bit, warm but cold enough to know it’s winter….

    I did 2 hours on random trails/paths… sadly I didn’t see/meet anyone at all


    A beautiful day in a local large woodland not a trail centre(nothing against trail centres). I had been spending a fair bit of time on the road/cx lately, plus lots of cycling related stuff with little actual riding. All those I bumped into just filled me with trail buzz, regardless of their tipple. Poss a bit of ‘love in separation syndrome’, but the trail supplied yesterday!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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