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  • The Edge of Seventeen….
  • Premier Icon Kryton57
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    I discovered this recently at the age of 47 whilst watching School of Rock with my kids.   I find it amazing.

    What other Stevie Nicks material should I be seeking out?

    Premier Icon ta11pau1
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    My memory of that song was GTA IV, driving around to a sunrise with that on.

    Here’s a recent song (off the Sound City – Reel to Reel album produced by Dave Grohl)

    Also, Fleetwood Mac, she was the lead singer.

    Premier Icon Kryton57
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    Nice. I’m aware shes the lead singer of Fleetwood Mac so will spend some time going back…

    Premier Icon n0b0dy0ftheg0at
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    I don’t know much of her solo work outside of Fleetwood Mac, but I still listen to this one I vaguely recall hearing on MTV in the 80s…

    Premier Icon kimbers
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    Watch the Defiant Ones

    There’s a bit of Stevie in that

    Premier Icon martymac
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    I’d never heard of it before school of rock, despite being a fleetwood mac fan.
    She’s a great singer.

    Premier Icon CountZero
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    You should start with Buckingham/Nicks, the album Stevie and Lindsay were recording at the same time Fleetwood Mac were looking for a way forward, and it got them the job with Fleetwood Mac. It’s been unavailable for many years, I bought a vinyl copy in the late 70’s/early 80’s, only to find it was warped, took it back and the album had been deleted!
    A remastered CD with a second CD of outakes and non-album tracks has been released this year, and is really worth having.
    As far as Stevie’s solo albums are concerned, I’ve got Bella Donna, Rock A Little and The Wild Heart – Bella Donna has Edge Of Seventeen, Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around, a duet with Tom Petty, and a bunch of other good songs, the other two are pretty decent too.
    She’s a great singer, and a great performer too.

    Premier Icon eddiebaby
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    And likes cocaine blown up her bum before going on stage (allegedly).

    Premier Icon jate
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    She always wanted to be a member of the Hearbreakers (Petty’s band) but apparently it was very much a blokes only setup. Petty wrote Stop Draggin’ for her and there’s some great footage on that there YouTube thing of her performing it with Petty. I always had a soft spot for Silver Springs which was supposed to be on Rumours but Buckingham blocked it, so it ended as the B side to Go Your Own Way. Excellent live versions are on YouTube however.
    Oh and hi to CountZero; trust you’ve got past being accused (along with the rest of us oldies) of being a “stern faced CIS male McStan” on Instagram by Ms McKee!!

    Premier Icon paulneenan76
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    And was lifted for the “Bootylicious” track by Destiny’s Child/Beyoncé nearly 20yrs ago; both great tracks.

    Premier Icon zippykona
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    Did Nicks and Buckingham join Fleetwood Mac or did Fleetwood Mac join Nicks and Buckingham?

    The latter is my thinking.

    Premier Icon Malvern Rider
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    She’s still doing it and very well.

    I really didn’t like Fleetwood Mac for most of my life and then one day heard a song playing on a young colleague’s bluetooth speaker. I asked them what it was and it was this

    Captivating. And the music is so stripped back, and the drumming so ‘in the pocket’. It’s just perfection. As is her voice. She does looks ripped to the toots in that performance to be fair 😉

    You should probably check out some other classics such as Rhiannon, Landslide, Gypsy etc

    Premier Icon markgraylish
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    I seem to remember a very nice photo on the cover of the Nick’s/Buckingham album.
    May not be considered “safe for work” these days….

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