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    What’s your favourite topping mixture? Do you like oats? Granulated or demera? Nuts? What’s your favourite filling? How many fruit varieties in one crumble filling is too many? Is a fruit crumble a pie? Should people who make savoury crumbles be shot?

    *or not.


    Savoury crumble = no pudding

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    Best of all are wild-sourced crabapple and blackberry in the topping, commonly known as hedge crumble.

    substituting some of the dairy butter for nut butter works well

    Apple and blackberry is the best. Butter, golden gran. sugar and flour for the crumble. A small glug of whiskey (deliberate ‘e’ there) on the fruit. Jamesons is great. Frozen blackberries work well as they keep their shape during cooking. Not saying boughten, just frozen.

    Make a mound with the crumble as opposed to flat over it. It gives a variety of textures.

    Custard should be proper ie. a shit ton of eggs, cream etc.

    Savoury? Nuts? Oats? GTF!

    nut butter

    Cobbler is better than crumble for some fruits, e.g. Gooseberries

    Nuts and oats in the topping are right up there with savoury starters including granola as a bad thing.

    Rhubarb crumble ftw, with custard, obvs


    Anything as long as its topped with..

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    Savoury crumble, just no. I’m a traditionalist and prefer boring old apple crumble.


    Rhubarb and plum crumble sounds like a damned good idea! Get some tartness from both fruits into the taste, mixed with starchy, sweet from the crumble.

    For me, I’d go for a soft dark sugar on the topping, but without oats. I’m going to suggest a good custard too.

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    I generally don’t bake as I don’t follow recipes, I just wing it (baking generally needs precise ish weights)

    But crumbles are easy as you just need to nail the consistency of the topping and you’re sorted

    Made an apple and blackberry (plus one pear). Topping was butter, oat flour, plain flour and caster sugar. Drizzled with honey which went nice and chewy

    I make my topping with a few oats, soft Brown sugar and sometimes a bit of mixed spice (depends on filling). My favourite filling atm is rhubarb with some chopped crystallised ginger mixed through – makes a lovely contrast in textures and flavors when cooked

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    You bastards, been ages since I had a gcrumble

    There goes my evening.

    Best filling? Apple and raspberry.


    Best filling? Apple and raspberry.

    Aye ,it is nice,but hard to stop going full mush 🙂


    What’s your favourite filling?

    Gather blackberries when they are in season. Fill kilner jar with said blackberries, add a bit of sugar, fill jar with whiskey, not too cheap but no need for your best single malt. Store in a cool dark place and shake/agitate daily for about a month. Leave in cool dark place for another couple of months.

    Just before christmas filter the blackberries and decant the whiskey into bottles. Now you have the blackberries for making the best blackberry and apple crumble ever! 😀

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    Now the season for Christmas Crumble is approaching must make some marzipan to crumble into the topping. Best served with rum or brandy butter/cream.

    Ground nuts are a good flour substitute if you have gluten averse friends.


    oshvegas – Member

    Savoury crumble = no pudding


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