Drilling out screws

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  • Drilling out screws
  • HELP!!!
    My oven element has gone kaput, but I can’t get to it due to the screws being corroded and rounded.
    My metal drill bits at low speed haven’t done much, but I think they may be crap.
    What are the best type of bits for this job??


    HSS or a cobalt one at a slow speed

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    Ti coated metal drill bits, Dormer are good quality, keep their edge longer than the cheaper varieties and won’t snap or break too easily.

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    I found sometimes running a metal bit in reverse can bite enough to shock the thread free so you can get the screw out.


    Got a Dremel handy?
    Cut a slot for a flat driver or cut off the screw head?

    Cheers! Bloody overpriced piece of shit er I mean Smeg!!!!

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    Left handed drill bits can be useful. I know it sounds like a joke, it’s not! But screws are tricky to drill, unless you’re happy to just take the head off, crosscutting the head often works better. Working on ovens is rubbish tbh

    EZ outs are the answer quite cheap as well.

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    if anything of the screw is protruding grip it in the jaws of the drill driver


    Use a screw remover ? i.e. drill a pilot hole and then screw in a left threaded removal screw.

    Just reserved some EZ outs from screwfix 🙂

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    if the heads are on these are good


    cheap screw extractors usually cause more pain than gain.

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    Just my 2p worth. I bought some bomber z1’s with a snapped off brake boss in. Tried to use some cheap ez outs and they didn’t help at all. Couldn’t get them to bite.

    Ended up using a cobalt bit to slowly drill the majority of the screw out. Then ran a tap through it to clear the remains of the screw out of the threads.

    So far so good – the new brake boss screwed in fine and hasn’t pulled out.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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