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  • clubber

    I was sceptical, expecting it to be an opportunistic rehash of his other LA books, but it is closer to being Walsh’s own autobiography hung around the LA story, with new material and more background. An entertaining read.


    One thing I liked about the film was Bruyneel’s amazing language ability!

    The way he switches from English, to Spanish, to French, whilst driving in a very stresful situation, also whilst screaming at people on both the phone and the team radios was really impressive


    I won’t lie, I have always been a fan of his and given him the benefit of the doubt. I mean who would risk their life just to cheat after almost dying of cancer? And it was a great example of someone overcoming terrible odds to succeed and win.

    But now that it’s all officially come out in the open I have totally changed my opinion of him and are no longer a supporter, in fact I’m disgusted by him and his actions.

    Tom KP


    Film working fine on GenVideos 🙂


    Indeed it is. Just watched it. Nothing new really but not a bad way to spend a weekday night.

    My favourite bit is Johan shouting “putain” repeatedly at Contador 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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