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  • dano

    Toxic, are you seriously saying that you never run reds on your bike???

    and I hate drivers who speed and go too close to get past, only to slam on the brakes and turn left infront of you… muppets


    The rare times I go for a big Sunday roast in a pub only to find its not much on a plate and its luke warm.

    Premier Icon ononeorange

    Car drivers


    People who draw attention to themselves by constantly buying new things and telling everyone about it. I just wish they would deal with the underlying issues and find happiness.

    I hate drivers who don't give me enough space. I hate shops advertising things they don't have.


    bleeding brakes.

    Premier Icon bangin on

    i hate f*ckwits taking short cuts on my trails…… If you came to ride the trail, ride the trail….don't miss out the corners or the tricky bits, that's not riding the trail you f*ckwits…. I also hate people who plaster themselves in body armour so that they can ride faster than they're skill level should allow, either slow down or learn to ride fast. What they're doing just skids up the place and trashes the trails…. Just learn to ride WITHOUT skidding down the hills and round corners you numpties!

    west kipper

    I hate cyclelanes (cars parked in cycle lanes are doing us a favour)
    …on road cycle facilities of any kind in fact, and not unrelatedly, cyclist prohibition orders on roads…
    I also despise helmet-nazis…
    Och, and Thatcher, obviously.

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)

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