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  • lodious

    It’s fantastic, and you would never, ever run out of things to do 😉

    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    I hated it, but we were for ther for 5 days and it pi$$ed it down for 4.5 of them. when the sun did come out so did the stench.

    I’d give it another go in better weather, but Chicago is so much nicer

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Its just……fantastic.


    1,Concrete jungle where dreams are made of.
    2.There’s nothing you can’t do
    3.Now you’re in New York
    4.The street will make you feel brand new
    5.Big lights will inspire you
    That’s what a Ms A Keys told me…..


    It’s a hideous place, full of brash, load, overbearing, rushing around americans……


    Its a big city – so big they named it twice.

    I used to go there eons ago, never saw the attraction.


    I guess if it appeals to you you’ll love it. I did – flat out for 3 days, would love to go back.

    But I do love San Francisco too, and no doubt other US cities are great too (I want to do Baltimore).

    Premier Icon crispo

    Great place for a few days!

    Top of the rock, walk around central park, loads of great places to eat and drink.

    Quite a few threads on here about what to do there!

    Personally my favourite city is Boston, it’s brill compared to NYC!


    Loved it, stopped for a minute and looked around only to be asked if I needed directions….helpfully folks.

    Loads to do and see although I wasn’t impressed with the clothes shopping apart from the Stussy shop, might be to do with my fashion though!.

    Stayed at the Novotel overlooking broadway, fantastic view.


    The only city I get really excited about going to, an astonishing place and in 6 days you wont even scratch the surface. Enjoy 😀


    John is right about the smell, we went in summer and it dint arf pen ‘n’ ink.

    But saying that,you won’t get bored, there’s so much to do. Shopping, eating, looking etc.

    Just don’t go up the Empire States, the views god but getting there is horrible it takes a good few hours to get up and down. You’ll also have to be prepared to be shouted at by the staff on the way up. Do the rockafeller centre instead.

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    And is there enough to do for 6 days??

    Thinking of a mini honeymoon there next month, but just wondering if we’d get, well, not bored, but run out of ideas??


    Three days was about enough for us. We would however go again. I would do the Empire State Again but pre book the tickets seems to save a bit of time. There’s also a good brew pub at the bottom of the Empire State
    Loads of other things to do. We enjoyed Central Park. Just waking through and people watching was ace. Strawberry Fields was a bit disappointing but each to their own. Statue of liberty well we did the cheapo version and got the Staton Island ferry which is free and sails close enough to get great views.
    Get a ticket for one of the tour bus’s and you can get on and off as you please.
    Time square had a good vibe when we were there you just need to be bit sensible like you would in any built up city.
    You could try to tie things in with one of the city parades like St paddys day.

    The city that London thinks it is 😉

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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