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  • Tamiya hornet or similar?
  • Premier Icon geoffj

    For a 9 yr old boy for Christmas.
    I remember reading something about brushless motors, but I can remember why or what 😕

    Help please

    Edit: or something like this Tamco RAID 4WD 1:10 Brushless Buggy Combo

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Hi Geoff, how’s things?

    I asked this a few weeks ago here and had some decent advice. I ended up going to my local model shop and bought the lad one of these:
    Maverick Strada XT Evo1

    The chap in the shop is a true enthusiast and had loads of advice for me. This is fully rebuildable and upgradeable and very good straight out the box.

    I originally went in thinking Tamiya like yourself – as that’s what I lusted after as a kid. Their advice – it’s nice to build but it’s exactly the same technology as it was 30 years ago and things have moved on a lot.

    Anyhow, glad I went in and the Maverick is a fantastic looking bit of kit. I bought another battery too. Can’t wait until he gets it out at Christmas! Might have to get one for me too….

    Hope that helps


    Premier Icon geoffj

    Cheers Zed

    Was the shop in Glasgow? I’ve got to pass through a couple of times in the next few weeks, so could call in, if you let me know which one.

    Duh! I just clicked the link and can see the shop details. 😳


    Surprisingly there’s not really anywhere in Glasgow that does anything like this anymore! Beatties are long gone now and the rest sell cheap toys rather than proper RC cars.

    It’s a proper old style model shop too, just like the one I used to visit in Dundee when I were a lad…

    less than 5 mins from the M8 (junction 27).

    Most Tamiya kits usually need built and only come with a basic electronic speed controller, no handset batteries etc.

    But on saying that I have always had tamiya RC models ( load over the years) still have my first original Hotshot from about 1986. Also bought 2 of the rerelease models and stored in loft.

    Don’t want to buy a NIB Hotshot rerelease do you?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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