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  • Tall Kitchen Units
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    I want to box in our boiler so I was looking to do it the lazy way by just buying a kitchen unit. Only thing is all the tall units I can find are 600 or 560mm deep. If the boiler was in the kitchen this would be fine but it’s next to a wall which will only allow me have 460mm depth at most.

    Does anyone know of a tall kitchen unit that is that deep? Or can I just buy a deeper one and cut that top and side panels down? I really don’t want to have to design and build one to fit.

    Premier Icon Sui
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    The services area at the back of the unit will be 150mm deep so you could lop that off, however a carcass is just that, you’ll still want an end panel and doors so you may as well frame it, cut an end panel down and fit the doors to the frame.. Honestly, framing is reallly easy and very rewarding..

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    If you look on Diy kitchens, they do a range of shallow units.

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    I had a look on there but all their tall units are 300 or 560 deep. Max depth I can go to is 460 before I hit architrave for a door. Even though I don’t want to do it I think Sui’s suggestion of framing it out will be best.

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    IKEA wall units IIRC are 380 deep. How far out does you boiler stick out?

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    Some manufacturers offer a boiler unit which is just a basic version of a cabinet, two sides, no top or bottom and simple strap pieces top and bottom to hold the sides apart. They usually come with hinges and you will obviously need a door as well.
    The one I used was quite flimsy but did the job ok when fitted. I suppose the required depth may be your stumbling block.

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    I’d look at IKEA, they’re bound to do something near enough.

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    Like this one Matt? It’s 410mm deep.



    Kitchen warehouse, Ripon. They make their own carcasses to order.

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    410mm could do it but I was after a tall unit as the pipes go down the wall plus magnaclean so boxing would be near enough the same size as a cupboard, plus the woman wants moar storage.

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    you’d have to stack 3 maybe 4 wall units to make a full height larder cupboard, not necessarily a bad thing but you would obviously see they are stacked and may not like the joins showing. Plus that’s a lot of cutting out to do, which you’d be better spent with my previous suggestion.. I reckon you could do it with

    4 x bits of 4×2 at 2.4m
    1 x End panel (stripped to fit required depth)
    Bit of beading/caulking where the door meets
    1 or 2 x Larder doors
    Hinges – (recess the hinges into the 4×2 – of run a strip of 18mm ply on whatever side you want the doors hung instead of the 4×2 and hang doors form that
    Dozen rawl plugs
    80mm screws

    Jobs a goodun.

    make sure there is some ventilation for the boiler as I think you can void warranties if you don’t.

    If you got down to a Howdens clearance centre (or other), you could have all this done for under £100 easy..

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