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  • Richc – lets get some facts right. It was not me who fitted the crank with a rock. the reason it was bodged was it was the 3rd non fitting crankset the person involved had had. The first two failed and were replaced – the third one arrived just before a race and had mismatched splines – ie a faulty set – we believe made up from other warranty returns. The chap in question needed the bb for a race so misguidedly attempted to bodge a fit.

    If it had been mine I would have taken him to court for return of my money.

    So this chap had 3 faulty cranksets in a row and got frustrated and tried to bodge one to fit.

    As for the law – it is fairly easy to understand as the act and the guidance on it is published by the government and my partner is a professional, legally qualified experienced rights adviser. I am confident my interpretation of the distance selling regs and sale of goods act is correct.


    The ‘rock fitting’ incident is an awkward one, but the item was ‘unfit for the purpose supplied’ (it was machined incorrectly if I remember right) so yes replacement should have been provided, but after the ‘fitting’ (there was a certain amount of desperation from the consumer I’d imagine) its questionable but not under the DSA but the good will of the seller for accepting the goods in that condition.

    Love the tag – “TJ making it up as he goes along”

    What do you think I am am making up?



    The question is, is it a 33 1/3 or a 45rpm stuck record??


    My wife is a qualified barrister, chaged over to be a solicitor and now works for the Police Force, she knows NOTHING about crank fitting.


    Real life experience from me:

    SS normal pads compound = dairylea cheese, they lasted about 3 rides in local sand/mud so didn’t last long enough for pad to fall off backing – avoid like a one-eyed fat bird at closing time

    SS sintered = about the same as shimano sintered and still going strong – no complaints from me and good vfm

    SS headset – fine on commuter and has lasted about 1000miles so far – no reason to think it wouldn’t cope on a mountainbike

    Have met the bloke at SITS last year, he seems ok if a bit ginger, can’t really hold that against him as it is an accident of birth (he could wear a hat though), never had to deal with him from a customer service point of view so can’t comment on that front.


    I blame Fatcha!


    I think Fruit seems like an alright bloke to me, The infamous “crankrock” incident was nothing short of ridiculous in my opinion, where did Luke finish in the race again?

    yes there’s been shitty pads out there but I’ve heard similar about almost all manufacturers brakepads!

    I’d like to try out the hubs, I’m interested to try out the quicker (than pro2’s) engagement.

    Premier Icon Nick

    I would like to say that I’ve got through loads of ss pads because they wear out, but I’ve only just replaced a set of pads that have been in since April last year. Which seems quite good actually.

    Just bought some cheap pedals, will probably try a bb and headset next.


    blimey, some real SS haters on here

    bought several pads from them now in different batches organic and sintered and they have been allright, 2-3 rides a week, all days, mud, grit races etc, usual abuse, no better or worse than some but cheaper

    BB still works too, doubt it will make it past 6 month though just like the previous RF & XT


    I’ve been through 400 sets of SS pads in the last week.

    They’ve all been great and lasted ages.

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