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  • Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Used to just blitz the sweets in a food blender with a wee bit of the vodka. once it’s as crushed as it can be, pour it back into the bottle and keep shaking until it’s all dissolved

    Kola Kube vodka and lemonade is immense

    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    ive never hear of the dishwasher method so just googled it, still dont know what it brings to the party. we’ve made it before, also sloe vodka, and always just put skittles/sloes into a bottle, filled with vodka and then just left in an airing cupboard for a few weeks, shaking every now and then. muslin cloth for a strainer when ready.

    jelly babies we do differently, we dont have those as a drink, we have them as sweets 🙂
    put a load of JBs into a shallow container all at one level (none on top of each other). cover with vodka and stick in the fridge the day before a party/BBQ. the vodka soaks into them and makes em into a lovely soggy ‘jelly baby with a kick’. give each person a cocktail stick to spear them for eating.

    Premier Icon Drac

    The dishwasher method means you don’t have to wait 3 months or even a few days as you just shake them in a small amount of vodka every day drain and pour into a larger bottle.

    big yim

    I’m trying to make jelly babies flavoured vodka and one with skittles too. I know this might not be the best place to ask as it doesn’t involve real ale or coffee.
    Anyone have a method other than the putting the bottle in the dishwasher ?


    It’s the heat and shaking you’re after – Presumably if you put the bottle of vodka into say a pan of hot water on the hob, and shook it every few minutes, til it’s evenly distributed – or even stick it in your washing up bowl, or bath, (Well sealed, obvs)will have much the same effect.


    Werther’s Original vodka FTW. 😉


    Haven’t done Jelly Baby vodka for almost 20 years, but we used to empty the bottle into a pan, then chuck in the jelly babies. After a few hours on the lowest heat possible (lid on, and occasional swirling or stirring) they’d be dissolved. Pour back into the bottle and chill it. If your hob won’t go very low, heat for a few minutes at a time and leave the pan on the hot hob between heat applications.

    If you can be bothered, use a different pan for each colour of JB. If you are mixing colours, only use the red, orange and yellow Jelly Babies. If you mix in green or black ones you end up with brown vodka 😯

    Last time I had a vodka party we just left the sweets in the vodka for aweek on the shelves.

    Nothing like building the anticipation 🙂

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