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  • Superstar wheelsets – any good?
  • hardtailonly
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    Looking to get a lighter set of gravel wheels for my Pickenflick (current wheels are around 2150g). Looking at 1500-1700g ideally.

    Ideally wanted Hunts, but possibly just out of my price range new.

    But the current 40% off at Superstar has got me interested, and would be in budget.

    Am I going to get a set at the weight I want? How good (or otherwise) are the Superstar products, bearing/freehub quality and how good are the builds? How reliable is the free re-trueing guarantee and the crash replacement offer?

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    Yeah, pretty good for the money I think. I’ve had switch/switch ultras and tesla evos. All fine and all been through a few bearing swaps too. Fuel hub has a very loose freehub though when it’s off the bike. Builds are fine – a few spoke tweaks every now but nothing wrong with the build. Never sent any back for truing. Weights? not sure. I’m sure they were near enough. I don’t know about their latest hubs though – all the above is pretty old.

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    Builds tend to be pretty good these days. Never used the rebuild/trueing service.

    Nobody knows what the new hubs are like yet. The old basic ones (switch) were generally good, while the premium hubs were more patchy for reliability. Newer ones are UK made though, so in theory they should be able to keep on top of QC better.

    If they can admit there’s any issues with their product obvs, which can be their weak spot.

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    I’ve found the builds to be pretty good, and their own brand rims are fine too. I’ve only used their Switch hubs, which are rebranded Novatec, and i’ve been happy with those. They are pretty easy to change bearings on and take apart for regreasing the freehub. Never used the retruing stuff, i just do it myself.
    Take a look at the Prime wheels on CRC too

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    pretty darn good ime

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    Got a set of older Superstar wheels on my MTB – i’m quite happy with them and would buy from them again.

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    Hubs are fine, rims will be fine too.

    The last build i had went a bit baggy but nothing that 15mins with spoke key couldn’t sort.

    When you look at the price especially with 40% off, you’re basically getting the build for nowt.

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    I’ve bought a few MTB sets over the years, I think I went through 4 freebodies, but they always replaced them FOC and oddly, the warranty clock seems to reset with them with every replacement, I don’t know if that’s policy or luck. I don’t see that type of Novatech (I believe) design hub any more.

    I never bothered with the free truing service, by the time you pay for postage you might as well use your LBS, but it’s how they work any warranty issues (bar freebodies) basically any issues, you send them back for the truing service and then discuss faults, I trust them enough that they wouldn’t hold you to ransom to repair any non-warranty error.

    I’d be happy to use them again, the last wheels I bought were actually Nukeproof from CRC because they were about £200 and I needed a set on the cheap, next-day and they’re actually brilliant.

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    We have some Alpines.

    Well built, very high tension according to our wheelwrangler mechanic, even after a couple of hard years use.

    BUT, the freewheel is so loose in the hub it falls off every time you remove the wheel, spilling springs and pawls on the floor. The end cap the other side also is loose. This means putting wheel in or removing is almost impossible…

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    Avoid the Fuel rear hubs they’re cheap junk.

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    Had one set of wheels and they have been great.

    Bought another pair for my old man and the front and rear squealed like a pig on the first ride.

    Their aftersales care was terrible. Emails back and forth. No tel number…

    My LBS ended up tearing it down, replaced bearings and seals. Cost me £20.

    You get what you pay for. I have bought a few new wheelsets from other suppliers.

    Maybe I was unlucky but you can judge a company who doesn’t want to lift a finger for warranty and tells you how to repair it yourself and sends the wrong instructions…

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    Both our bikes have their Tactic rims on Switch hubs and they’re fine.

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    Having had a few days of wheels from Superstar and been very happy with them, I looked at those gravel /Road wheels myself but I cannot tell if they are tubeless compatible or not?

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    Rims are almost certainly Kinlin rims e.g. Arc Ultra = Kinlin XR26T and IME work well tubeless, even the basic pinned ones

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    Cancelled my order.

    They emailed me once to.confirm.whatnit was I ordered. Then emailed me today to say they are out of Stans flow rims and would I wait a fortnight.

    Not the end of the world but when stuff is advertised as in stock it annoys me when companies take my cash then turn around and go oops sorry we haven’t got that!

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    I’ve had wheels for all my bikes. Probably seven sets over the years.
    One wheel was a problem and when the pacenti road rim cracked around the spoke holes. They had it back, admitted it was a problem with the rim and swapped it for a Stans.
    Great service, not massively quick but no problem.
    Another wheels spokes came loose, they offered to sort it but I paid a LBS to do it. Again service was fine. I wouldn’t go anywhere for wheels now. The price has always been unbeatable.

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    Pretty good. Beware the Switch rear hubs too – the ratchet is made of cheesium and you need to be careful that the pawls are free from grease so they don’t stick and chew up the ratchet. The actual build on mine was pretty good.

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    Anyone got experience of the new V6 hubs?

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    Overall feedback seems more positive than not. I’m guessing the V6 hubs being better designed and made in the UK are likely to be more reliable and robust? Anyone already got a set of these hubs and can comment?

    Also, how regularly do the 40% offers come around? Can’t quite bring myself to order today, but don’t want to miss out if this is an infrequent bargain!

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    Anyone have any experience of the Electro rear hub?

    I picked one up cheap a while back but never got round to building with it.

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    Hi there

    I have a electro rear hub with some arch rims from superstar on my airdrop for a year or so they’ve not let me down and the pick up on them is near instant you do have to be cafefull when removing the rear wheel as the free hub does come off the hub easily and you can lose the pawls and springs I tend to tie the cassette to the spokes if I’m working on the bike

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    Righto. Bit of an update.

    Got permission from the boss to go for the Hunt Mason Disc wheels. Are these the ‘go to’ at that price point?

    Other options that have cropped up in my search.
    – Novatec CXD
    – Hope 20Five with RS4 hubs (probably used)
    – Cero CRD23
    – Kinesis CX Disc

    Any of these worth a punt, or anything else to consider?

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    Have hope 20fives on my pickenflick. Fitted them for the dirty reiver last year. They seem good. Spin well and have stayed true.

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