Superstar v6 hubs, any experience?

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  • Superstar v6 hubs, any experience?
  • jakehinton

    Anyone have much experience of the new v6 hubs? Reliable? Can they be swapped from non boost to boost with an adapter/axle change?

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    Pretty rubbish, the end caps fall out the front hub and the rear has quite different cassette and disc spacing to all my other boost hubs.

    I’ve got a rear boost qr version (hard to find anything but Hope, and I fancied a change).

    Seems good to me. Rolls well, sounds nice, does what a hub should.

    Got a replacement freehub in the post a few weeks back because apparently the original was machined incorrectly. I can tell no difference, but it was nice to have something warrantied without asking for it!


    I had a tesla front and fuel rear and the end caps came out the front and the spacing on the rear was a bit different to my hope hubs. Not really a massive deal breaker but seems odd they wouldnt fix these little problems for the newer hubs.


    Got a v6 front build the other week with boost torque caps. As said above the end caps come off very easily which means delicate placement required when fitting to the fork. Knock the end cap with the lower leg and it falls off.

    Also the metal sleeve which sits between the bearings was free to move around and therefore go off centre. Which would prevent the axle being fitted. I emailed to ask them whether this was supposed to happen and they chose not to answer that question but tell me to smear some grease on it to help keep it in place. For their premium hub I find that issue and their response somewhat laughable.

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    Interesting. Saw a Facebook post saying they’ve sorted the end caps falling off as a few reviews had picked up on it.


    I’ve got some cheap disc road wheels with these hubs recently. No issues with my quick release end caps though I think the more recent hubs have been updated. Quite a buzzy freehub if that annoys you. Could perhaps be quietened down with some extra grease though. Certainly has a decent finish and seems like decent quality for what was a pretty low price in comparison to Hope etc. Time will tell I guess though.


    I recently replaced my Pro 4/ tech enduro wheels with a set of Stans Arch mk3 on the V6 hubs (boost rear/XD driver, standard front).
    The end caps do get knocked out of the front easily, would this stop me buying again…. no.
    The pick-up feels better than my pro 4’s, a bit quieter but still a nice buzz.
    Seem well made and look easy to service.
    I did change my cassette recently, and whilst removing the old one, didn’t realise the bearing on the end of the XD driver had also come off, which caused some issues and head scratching when fitting the new cassette. My fault really though.
    Overall, I think they are great value for money and might buy some for my CX bike if ever on offer/ I have some money spare.

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