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  • SunRace MX80 vs CSMS8 cassette
  • Premier Icon phil5556
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    Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the SunRace MX80 & CSMS8 cassettes please?

    The MX80 seems to be the one with the red spider on the back, the CSMS8 is all black (or silver).

    Are they a straight swap, want to change from 11-42 to an 11-46.


    Premier Icon whatyadoinsucka
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    CSMS8 is steel and 11-46t versus mx80 is alloy and largest sprocket is 50

    the CSMX8 11-46t is lighter than CSMS8 11-46t
    come in champagne (silver) or black/red spider or plain black

    these all fit a regular shimano HG freehub body, all are 11 speed

    Premier Icon montgomery
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    MX80 11-50: largest two sprockets are alloy, compared to just the biggest on the 11-46 MX8. Also, more cogs mounted on two spiders, with separate cogs spaced with metal spacers. The MS8 is all steel, only one spider (IIRC), and more separate cogs spaced with plastic spacers. I’ve had/have all three. The latter caused quite a bit of scoring on my (steel) freehub and didn’t shift as well as the MX8/80, which was a pity as I liked the durability implications of the all-steel sprocket combo. Very happy with the MX8 11-46 that currently has over 3500km on it on my hardtail, but wouldn’t buy an MS8 again. Don’t have enough miles on the MX80 yet to comment.

    Premier Icon phil5556
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    Cheers. So I guess my title is wrong and I mean the MX8 🙂

    I really don’t like the red otherwise I’d have bought the MX8 by now I think, doesn’t seem to come in just black?

    I think what’s on there is the MS8 11-42 as it’s all black and looks to be all steel so might just replace like for like with 11-46. Currently shifts nicely enough.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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