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  • Sunday footie (spoliers!!)
  • teamhurtmore

    Well done Cardiff!! First win and against Man City.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Mancini must be laughing his *rse off right now.


    Mancini must be laughing his *rse off right now.

    I doubt it !
    No new job
    And a hopeless performance against Wigan in the FA cup

    Premier Icon binners

    While I loved every minute of watching that with a pub full of blues, another part of me thought ‘Cardiff doesn’t look like the easy away fixture many had assumed’

    Nice to see a former united youth player get two against city though 🙂

    I bet he enjoyed those! It’s promising to be an interesting season. Fair play to Cardiff


    Cardiff are still prime candidates for relegation. Great result for them today (I predicted a Man City whitewash).

    Good to see lots of blue shirts being worn by the home fans.


    I doubt anyone expected that result.

    Funny old game and well done for using spoilers in title.


    City looked much the same as last year (especially after Navas went off) – slow buildup with crosses and throughballs easily being dealt with by the massed ranks of defenders.

    Definitely needs a shake up in defense – I have stuck up for Lescott in the past but he was woeful and Garcia is never a defender.

    Negredo looks good though – excellent placement of the header for his goal.

    I think Cardiff would have been a challenge for any team today – they worked really hard and deserved the result.

    As for City there still looks to be much work to be done – hopefully ManU and Chelsea will suffer from similar issues with their new managers.

    I must admit I wish I’d had a bit of the 3/1 for United to win the title.

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