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  • gus

    Being short on time and thinking I would support my LBS. I phoned up about replacement hub bearing (not freehub) for my SUN Ringle Charger Pro Wheelset. Guy in the shop didn’t sound too clued up and told me the bearings would be £60 + labour. Seems a bit steep.

    I have replace some cartridge bearing in the past for about £10 per wheel.

    Can’t find much on the web about replacing them apart from mixed reviews about how quickly they ware out.

    Anyone know which bearings I would need and anyone have a link to how to replace them. Thanks

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    When I looked at using all SKF in my Hope Pro 2 rear hub the cost was the wrong side of £80 for one wheel. Prices from around £9.50 to £17. SKF for the Campag Khamsin front wheel were £9 for the pair. Without knowing the sizing and how many are required it seems a bit steep if they are Chinese cheap bearings being supplied.


    Front wheel? 6804 RS are probably the ones you need: 20mm inner diameter, 32 outer and 7mm wide. At least thats what I needed for my Charger expert front hub.

    It’s easy enough to diy and there are quite a few clips on youtube to show how to use a percussive alignment tool 😉
    You just need some tubing the right size so that you only touch the outer race when bashing gently easing the new bearings into place.


    just email sun ringle, they sent me a full exploded drawing of both hubs with all the bearing sizes and part numbers.

    its long gone now though along with the wheels, do yourself a favour and get shot of them all the reports of quick bearing wear are true.

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