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  • Anyone used this Polaris bike bag?
  • aP

    I don’t think it will. The wheels are held in place using the QR, much like the BikeBox we use for our trips.

    Also, thinking about this more, my current bag lets me keep my Reverb seatpost in the seat tube, which is useful. And it’s big enough for a set of 760mm bars, not sure all bags will accommodate modern trends…

    Seems to have a fairly solid case and might be an alternative to the Evoc ones. I currently have a bog standard CRC type bag, stuffed with cardboard boxes, foam and bubble wrap. Now that I’m taking my bike on more flights, I would prefer something tidier.

    Says it fits “most” bikes but a bit worried that my bolt thru wheels wont really like “quick release skewers”

    Premier Icon bigjim

    I had a bit of a mare trying to get my large ASR5 into a bike pod pro which is the next one up. I have bolt through wheels too but there are zip ties to hold the wheels too.

    I think they are designed more for road bikes and I had to do some major dismantling to get my bike in, resulting in a very late night the night before I flew! My girlfriend got her small canyon nerve in dead easily though. They are good boxes though, but not ideal for a large mtb. They are also something like 10kg themselves so you have to watch your weight limits.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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