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  • surfer

    Me and a few mates have been to Camp Bestival the last 4 years with our kids on an annual dads and kids jaunt. Its been absolutely brilliant every time and we have great memories but all things come to an end and the kids are getting a little bit older now so its off the agenda for this year. 🙁

    Given that it may just be a Dads trip this year what festivals would STW recommend? Bearing in mind we like a civilised camping experience (posh camping in Camp Bestival!) the chance to get a shower, decent beer and good music for ahem.. the more mature gentleman 😥


    They are non MTB’ers unfortunately but thanks!


    At the second BBB there was a stag party iirc who only a couple liked cycling it didn’t stop them from having a bloody good time, cycling is only one part of the BBB experience.

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    The Larmer Tree Festival???



    Mister P

    I am off to Boomtown Fair in August but I don’t think it will be civilised. Warm lager and a quick squirt of Lynx in the morning is more likely.

    End of the Road in Dorset

    Truck in Oxfordshire

    Latitude in Suffolk


    Chagstock was pretty good last year… This year boom town rats headlining.
    Its cheap £60ish? Beer is Ale (which is cheap) Nice and chilled, No ‘orrible types. oh and only two nights!

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    Lattitude is good.

    How about looking for a festival that a band you like will be playing at?


    Y not festival sock in the Peak District. Loads of us going this year…


    Beat Herder, Latitude, Shambala & Solfest all very good ecelectic festivals 🙂 Roll on festival season!!!

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    how about an island on the danube in the middle of budapest

    accomodation in the city can be luxurious as you want or cam p in the festival its 5 days long-loads of acts,weather is much better, flights cheap if u book early and beer is cheap

    line up only partially announced


    Went last year to this one, purely magical. Off again this year

    Right hand side hit Play and the Bewitch Switch

    Secret Garden Party

    Also this one, smallish bust still good never the less

    The Wickerman Festival


    Green Man?
    Beautiful Days?
    Some of the smaller stuff I’ve worked at, hopefully will get in at Green Man again, just down the hill from the house if I want a shower

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)

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