Suggest a simple, yet quality 100mm-120mm fork

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  • Suggest a simple, yet quality 100mm-120mm fork
  • I am building a FS bike from second hand bits. I’ve had various brands and models of forks over the years, and to be honest, all the ‘features’ have largely remained unused. My latest were Pace Fighters with Launch Control – stunning lightweight forks, but I rarely, if ever, used the launch control after the initial “Wow! Its got Launch Control!” moment!

    So, I am in the market for a quality fork for my XL Blur. What would you recommend that is nice and plush, 100-120mm travel, little to know ‘faff’ controls?

    (actually, one of the most useful forks I’ve had was the Marzocci something or other with ETA – it compressed and stayed down until you switched it off, then it went back to full travel. Pretty good idea and simple to use)


    A Reba. Preferably a Team Maxle version. Can be a faff to setup, but plush and simple otherwise, and easy to service yourself.

    marzocchi mz comp 120mm
    cheap, simple, low maintenance, durable

    reba team if you want to spend more

    Look nice, but too expensive for me really. I’m trying to keep costs down on this build. £285 is fixed?


    Magura do some simple but high quality forks. Some can be tricky to set up though, others less so.

    2nd hand marzocchis?


    Rebas or Fox Floats (Not TALAS)

    If you can find a basic Reba (SL) then there’s not much to do once you’ve set the air pressures, and the lockout is useful.

    Floats have one less air chaber to worry about, and an RL model has lockout.

    That really is about it unless you go for a cheaper fork like a coil Recon. I wouldn’t touch a Marzocchi labelled ‘MZ’. ‘MX’, yes maybe, but the MZs are crap.


    second hand mx comps 🙂

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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