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  • stupid things you've asked
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    Reminded of this from a comment on another thread, I once asked my dad if the world was black and white before colour tv was invented.


    In a shop, “Where are the…?”, at which point it’s invariably pointed out that I’m standing next to them.


    When I was a kid we were in church for a funeral and the collection plate came round. I asked “If God has all this money, how come he can’t afford carpets?”


    The only stupid question is a question not asked ( when i leads to something being done wrong )

    I have a friend at work we call questions. We are not sure if its an arse covering exercise or he genuinely doesnt know…..


    Someone came into the office with an unopened envelope and asked “what’s this?”. I reply “its a letter”. She says “what’s it about?”. I say “i don’t know, i cant see through envelope”. I think she was a bit annoyed.

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    This “friend” you speak of terry, it’s you isn’t it. 😉


    “Will you marry me” seems like a silly thing to have asked some (but not all) days!!


    There is no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid answers….. 🙂


    In work last and I quote ” in Charlie’s Angels who was the bloke who used to speak to them on the phone and get them to do stuff” I am still getting grief for that one. 😆

    A favourite phrase of my collegue at work is “there are no stupid questions, only stupid people asking questions'”…


    The only stupid question is a question not asked

    I used to believe that but having been a teacher for 6 years now I can confirm that there is such a thing as a stupid question.

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    She says “what’s it about?”. I say “i don’t know, i cant see through envelope”. I think she was a bit annoyed.

    A trick of Ms njee20 that – particularly when watching tv programmes: “who’s he?”, “I don’t know honey, I’ve not seen this either…”

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    Not me, but my younger sister.
    Went to stone henge as kids. Lots of German people there on a coach trip.

    My sister pipes up and says “Do German people have moustaches because they want to look like Hitler?”



    I think someone once asked a stupid question about headsets and crown races on this very forum.

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    OP – you’re not the only one asking that question.

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    An “engineer” I worked with has made a few classics.

    #1: January start up in the factory, the juice making department were not getting a steam supply, he offered “the steam might be frozen in the pipe”

    #2: We had service contractors in to analyse our compressed air supply. We make PET drinks bottles, we use 40bar of compressed air to “blow” the plastic preform onto a bottle. They rig their monitoring box to various sample points on the air ring main, their box of tricks then takes readings. After each one they take the contaminated glass vial off the machine for disposal, fresh one on for the next point. He asks “do you take the air sample back to the lab and look at it under the microscope?”

    I’m sure I’m as guilty, although I must have blanked them from my memory.

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