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  • Strava on a phone problem
  • miketually
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    I run Strava on my phone to record rides. It frequently quits for no reason, leading to gaps in the recording.

    I noticed after Saturday’s ride that both times in stopped recording were after 81 minutes. I started recording again after the first stop; it recovered but just drew a straight line from where it stopped to where I restarted it. I didn’t realise until I got home that it had stopped for a second time.

    I can’t see anything in my phone (Honor 9) settings that would quit the app to save power.

    Any ideas? Twitter has already suggested only ever riding for 80 minutes or less, and buying a Garmin.

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    memory available? Could be that phone only allocates a certain amount of mem to apps or strava. Try logging your phone on your desk to see if you can replicate it

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    a quick google shows this is a generic issue with Huawei and Honor handsets. Might be that there is no solution at this point (apart from the obvious one 😉 )

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    Hmm. Riding mate has a Huawei phone (I think) and the same problem. No idea if he’s fixed it or given up. I’ll ask next time I see him.

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    My Motorola did this. It was a lack of internal memory. May not be the same for you but worth checking

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    My OnePlus 3T did this too, even during 10 minute commutes it would just stop recording half way in, for no good reason. I’m not even at 50% of my 128GB of storage so it’s not that.

    In the end I bought a Wahoo elemt bolt. So much better than using a phone for multiple reasons.

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    I’ve had the same issue on my iPhone 6s loads of times in the last six months. When playing up there would be straight lining, part recorded or no time at all. Strava confirmed they had issues with some phone updates but didn’t know why! Seems to have been alright for a bit now on my runs.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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