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  • Premier Icon Schweiz

    Just upload a ride and all will become clear…


    Just delete it from you phone and forget it ever happened.


    What he said. It will find segments you have ridden. It may also make segments if there are any suitable climbs on your route. You can make your own segments when you view one of your rides – one of the options on the menu.

    Press start when you set off, Press stop when you’ve finished, Upload to Strava and it will do the rest.

    Premier Icon shortcut

    Record the ride from start to finish. Upload it. The segments you went through are picked up automatically – all by the power of fairy magic!!

    And don’t do anything stupid!!! Like riding through red lights, taking massive drops at enormous speed, crossing roads without follpwimg the green cross odd, running over walkers, dogs or anyone not on a mission!!

    So, Shortcut, if I was to ride through a segment you’ve done, say, would it compare our times? Is that how it works?

    Dont I know you? 🙂

    Oh and dont forget to yell STRAVAAA when going for any KOM’s.

    Edit: Can any one do an img of the 300 this is sparta pic, changing the word sparta for lets say the word STRAVA 😀

    Ah – got it! That’s how I hoped it would work. Now annoyed I hadn’t signed up sooner as I would’ve made the top 10 for the Nevis Red on Sunday (hardly a World Cup performance but still).

    Oh yes I can see how this becomes addictive! I’m willy waving already and I haven’t uploaded a single ride yet.

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    ok – just for you – will this do?

    Feel free to use from now on.

    So I’ve just signed up to this Strava thing. But their “how to guide” is crap.

    I understand the whole concept but help me out with details please.

    When our riding, do I need to start/stop my GPS to record my time on a segment? Or do I just ride my whole ride and then it automatically picks segments when I upload my entire ride?

    Seems a pain if I have to search for segments before I do my ride, and individually record each one as a separate ride, then upload and compare. Surely I just do my ride then when I upload my track it picks out the segments I’ve ridden which compare with others?

    I could see how people can get into it but want to know the faff factor first!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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