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  • Strava – android live segments
  • lyrikal
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    Has anyone tried the strava live segments thing on android yet. It looks like a great idea but I was wondering a couple of things, is it constantly using data as I ride? Does it cache segments so will work where there is no data coverage? Does it have to have the screen illuminated and phone unlocked continuously in order to work or do upcoming segments somehow override this phone feature?

    Looks like a really good feature and if it doesn’t cause my phone battery to die in 5 mins I’d be interested in joining premium

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    If it works like the GPS live segments – you * the segments before the ride and they’re uploaded to the device.

    Whilst it adds to the fun the live segments aren’t always that reliable in my opinion. Sometimes the start and end are out, and occasionally you don’t get the KOM but when you upload you do.

    I’ve also had live segments not finish accurately – so you’re left looking for the end. All this on an Edge 1000. One the whole though they’re good fun.

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    Thats how it works on iphone too. Relitvely useful for training, i star a segment i’m going to do repeats on and it lets me keep track of how I’m doing. Think phone has to be iluminatd for you to see it

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    This new update searches for popular segments as you ride, I know this will use data but just unsure of the illumination thing. I have my phone set to lock after 5 seconds cos I’d be calling people constantly from my pocket otherwise. I just wonder does this app have some kind of override for this or will it mean the faff of changing settings every time I want to use that feature. It’s going to be hard on the battery too if it’s constantly illuminated.

    Ant recommendation for a dynamo hub?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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