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  • CountZero

    Some years back, nine or ten at a guess, when RAF Lyneham was particularly active, we used to get all sorts of stuff coming over Chippenham at all hours. This particular night, I’d not long dropped off, when I got sort of roused by the whistle of a jet going over, which suddenly turned into a full-blooded roar as the throttle was shoved wide open! I shot out of bed, and looked out of the window, but it was foggy, and I couldn’t see a thing. Meanwhile, my mum, who lived with me had woken up in a panic, shouting ‘what was that, what was that?’
    I had no answer, but I later found out. My road joins Hungerdown Lane, which used to be the A350 trunk road, and is very brightly lit. It seems that a Jaguar pilot, out on a night excercise, had come in low, seeing the lights through the fog, and mistaken them for the Lyneham landing lights, which are actually around eight miles away. He got down to 100 feet, before realising he’d made a major navigational error, and thrown the throttles wide open and put the plane into an emergency climb out!
    I believe a very stern ticking off was given…
    Apparently a Hercules tried to land on the A4 at Cherhill one night and got to 50′ before realising it was the road, not the flare path five miles away…

    Premier Icon paladin

    Few years ago while at sea, got woken by seawater trickling onto me from the deck above. Big wave had gone through the bridge windows – water everywhere-lots of it.

    More recently, got woken by a seagull taking a dump on the velux window directly above my bed from an altitude of about 5 miles. That was loud!

    Premier Icon seadog101

    Lived in wooden house in NZ, floor raised off the ground by a good 2 feet. Was woken by a strange scroff scroff scroff noise under the floor.

    Rutting hedgehogs make that noise.


    I got woken last night around 3am by the sound of someone trying to surreptitiously use a hammer and bolster on stone.. 😕
    Sound is magnified and echoes around this estate as we’re in a steep v-shaped valley, so unfortunately the sound could have been coming from anywhere..

    It didn’t sound too close but I haven’t checked my bikes yet this morning


    I was woken up one time by the sound of bells – goat bells. I was on the beach in Greece coudled up to a very nice lady, after a night of drinking and skinny dipping. It was a heard of goats passing us whilst the sun came up, very nice indeed.
    Ooooh nice warm feeling inside now.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    At present, the convoy of logging tucks on the 4:30am start…5-8 of them, every morning, all within 10 mins of each other.
    Best wake up was a weird noise at the kitchen door, just like someone was trying to cut thier way in really slowly and quietly.
    Cue yours truly armed with canoe paddle and ready to scare anyone off in my boxers.
    Threw open the door to be confronted by a ton+ of Limousin bull, licking salt from the wooden door, freshly escaped from the field next door. 😯

    He would not go back in the field, and our front gate went onto the A75, so cue me knocking on farmers door at 2am to ask for help (I did dress before meeting the farmer..)


    I got woken this morning at 3am by my daughter, “Daddy, the man in my room can’t find his squirrel, I think it’s hiding under the bed”.

    She often sleepwalks and talks. We just shepherd her back into bed and she seems fine. I did check and there wasn’t a squirrel or man in her room, unless he was hiding in her wardrobe of course, I wasn’t going to look in there just in case.

    Premier Icon ddmonkey

    The strangest thing to have woken me up was the Buncefield blast, I lived about 30 miles away at the time, loudest boom I have ever heard. And considering I was fast asleep when it happened and yet wide awake and listening to it by the end, it yanked me awake in an instant. I didn’t have a clue what could have caused such a big bang until the news cleared it up about 15 mins later, all sorts of possible explanations went through my mind.


    the Buncefield blast

    is that a bit like the Bovey Tracey earthquake..?


    Had a bed on a mezzanine level once, so my head was about 3 feet from the roof when I slept. Woke up to a tapping sound directly above me, thought it was something dripping onto the roof outside. Turns out it was a spider the size of my hand, with legs so big you could hear each time he/she stepped.

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    The strangest thing to have woken me up was the Buncefield blast, I lived about 30 miles away at the time, loudest boom I have ever heard. And considering I was fast asleep when it happened and yet wide awake and listening to it by the end, it yanked me awake in an instant. I didn’t have a clue what could have caused such a big bang until the news cleared it up about 15 mins later, all sorts of possible explanations went through my mind.

    Funnily enough – a friend of mine slept right through that. I’m a similar deep sleeper. I slept through a substation exploding next door but one (it had been decided that a substation was a convenient place to store almost empty 45 gallon drums of solvents). Slept through the bang and the sirens of the fire brigade, woken by the bleeps of the firemens’ walkie talkies though.


    Doing Cowes Week back in ohhh 06/07 in a Melges24 I plumbed the short straw and had to sleep on the boat after Thursdays Crew Party.. Not a bad thing but Melges aren’t really big enough being a 24ft racing sportsboat, so tucked under mast in the tiny forepeak with the boat bobbing in the marina along with all the other boats I was then woken up at about 4ish to the rear of the boat being violently tossed fore and aft.. I poked my head through the open hatch to the sight of a rather plump blond girls ass with her oilies down over her boots trying in vein to have a piss. She was either too pissed or not bothered enough to notice me. Thing is she wasn’t one of us, why couldn’t she pee on someone else’s (her) boat.

    I’ve seen some mighty funny sights sailing.

    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    In my old house it was silent at night, and I mean silent, one summers evening with the windows open I got awoken by a heard of cows eating grass! Noisy munching buggers.


    Not quite as weird as some:
    – the White City bomb, when I lived in North Acton
    – in the same flat, the couple upstairs used to have loud sex at 2am. She was a squealer…
    – Nowadays, it’s normally my pug jumping up to my pillow and snorting all over my face.


    Woken up with alarms going off that ended with me losing my bikes from the out building
    Dick next door having a party and 6 grown men playing 5 a side foot ball at 4am in his garden. Words were exchanged the next day now all we get is him singing on a Sunday morning when he is pissed up….hate the little T**T.
    Woken for the second time with alarms going off this time more bikes stolen (8mth) after the 1st lot went. This time French windows smashed.
    Woken at 6 am sunday morning with a stolen car that smashed next doors front wall down..
    And there has been loads more.


    I was just having a wee bank holiday afternoon catnap, when I was rudely awakened by a heavy duty plastic toy laptop being smashed repeatedly into nose..

    saw stars and everything

    hate the little T**T.

    And there has been loads more.

    cut down on your hatred, try to improve your karmic resonance..?


    On the windowsill of a B+B near Keilder at 5.30 am.
    The most annoying alarm clock eva. 👿


    Mine was come off nights went to bed and Bang! IRA bomb going off in Manchester! Must have been bloody loud to wake me up 😀 We were living 6 miles from the city center at the time.


    In a semi dream state once I could here what I thought was a Parrot,now bearing in mind I don’t own a Parrot or any birds after several minutes of repeated sqawking I left my dream state and re-entered the land of the living.
    Got out of bed half asleep put on the landing light to be confronted with what looked like the remains of a black feather cushion on the stairs.
    After staring at this for several minutes with my brain failing to compute whats going on some of the remains of the cushion become airborne and fly past my head.
    Turns out my cat had brought in a blackbird and had been toying with it,with the amount of feathers on the floor I thought all that would be left would look like a plucked chicken,but turns out there are a lot more feathers on a bird than you would first think.


    My alarm, this morning, which I had forgotten to turn off. 👿


    Earthquake a few years ago. I woke up thought ‘Poltergeist’ shrugged and went back to sleep.

    Then… I had ‘someone’ mucking about with the kitchen bin. A 5litre bottle of water ontop sorted this. That was a ghost.


    One very windy morning as i was just surfacing, a crow flew past my window sidey-ways and i was positive he said FAARK !

    Mind you, i once passed a sheep who said MOO ! I was a bit bonked at the time.


    a very large house spider, which had wandered across my livingroom floor earlier that evening, was taking a swim in a pint of water I’d placed on my bedside table.

    I had enjoyed a bottle of wine prior to retiring.

    One of us ended up very much awake at 4:30am launching the other one from their mouth only to then leap from the bed and very angrily stamp out the problem.

    Washing very large house spider from between your toes at 4:33am is not a good look.

    The list is endless…
    Dunno what woke me up but I was about 6 & wandered into mum & dads room to find their bed covered in £5 notes. I was on penicillin for tonsillitis so the £5 notes weren’t real.
    A van driver banging on the door of our house (with attatched petrol station) which was 5 miles from Durham City shouting that there’s been a crash. (a milk tanker had gone off the road, killing the driver)
    Same house years later, a taxi driver banging on the door telling me the place was on fire, he’d been forced off the road in a road rage incident at 2AM & taken a petrol pump out, there was a small fire which I put out with an extinguisher.
    4AM one summer morning, heard an odd noise & looked out the window to see 2 scrotes at my car with a door open. Foolishly opened the window & shouted ‘I’m on my way down you bar stewards’ & ran downstairs only to realise I was Stark. Bollick. Naked. (not a pretty sight even at 4AM)
    There’s others, including that earthquake.

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