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  • Premier Icon moff

    Good to hear that the STW private eyes have been hard at work!

    Get the Jake they’re great fun.. I say pondering taking mine out later?!

    Will have to sort out a ride soon then, Andy?


    Hey Paddy. I don’t think Steve’s bike was out there at the time, though I know there were a few others (the owners were upset that theirs hadn’t been targeted!).

    Hey Moff, the Jake the Snake looks a bit pricey for what I need it for but the Jake may suit me instead. I have to admit to being tempted by the Bordman commuter things as well.

    Sharki. I think it was one of mine that was the scroat.


    Final update on this. The Scroat has been charged with theft and possession and has admitted to the latter (which is apparently the worse of the two anyway). Not sure what his punishment will be but we shall see.
    Maybe I will update on that as well in a final final update.

    The Police have offered their thanks for investigating this for them, they admitted they didn’t really have to do much as a result of the work done by people on here. Thanks again.

    I still owe people a drink but the week has really got away from me so I am sorry I haven’t sorted anything. I am not around next week but will be in touch after that.


    The punishment will be at our expense and he’ll no doubt go on to commit again.


    No rush on the drink…….the thirst can wait…and it’s not like you even managed to get your stuff back…which sucks

    I’ll have dates for the police auctions soon……..;-)

    wow…thats good news…


    OK so this will be the final final update as expected. I received a letter from the courts yesterday with the outcome of the court case.

    The Scroat pleaded guilty to theft of the bike and knowing possession of stolen goods. The charge for the first was withdrawn and he got a 9 month conditional discharge for the second.

    Can’t say I expected anything else but hows that for justice?


    Next time i carrying out my own punishment and return the stolen goods.

    Courts sucks monkey bawls.

    Known serial offender, no fixed abode = pointless existence and non contributor to society.

    Lethal injection, lesson to all!

    Harsh but fair

    Premier Icon franksinatra

    Hardly a deterent is it?

    What an enthralling episode. I live near Taunton and worked at that business park last year and will be again this summer. I parked my bike inside locked to the railings- probably a fire hazard but nevermind. Glad he got caught even if he didn’t get much for it. I can’t believe the idiot just kept all the bits. Also can you buy those pace forks anymore? Or will you just get some different ones? Good job STW.

    I’ll just add this to make it 100.


    It isn’t much of a deterrent really.
    ‘I promise I wont do it again officer, I didn know I was doin’ nofink wrong’.
    ‘Well on your way you little scallywag’.


    Anyway, in answer to your question southernsteel, no you can’t get the RC40s any more and apparently the DT Swiss replacement are not an equivalent due to being a ‘different class of fork’. I should be getting a pair of Fox TALAS 140s this week, just in time for the weather to change. It will be the first time, in the 20 years I have been riding, that I own a pair of non Pace suspension forks weirdly.

    Its a massive shame i think that pace got bought by DT swiss. The pace forks look so cool. I don’t have any but my old neighbour used to upgrade his every year and they just looked so amazing. Nevermind I’m sure the Talas are great and if it means you can ride who cares.

    Premier Icon Mr Agreeable

    That’s a shame, although with his MO of nicking bike bits, then bolting them too his frame, then riding round the town centre, the guy doesn’t sound intelligent enough to be a proper danger to society. Well done STW, well done the rozzers, boo to the magistrates and the CPS.

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