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  • neverness

    Hey all,

    The front end of my Soul was stolen yesterday from the bike shed at work. If anyone gets offered any of the following please let me or the police know. I live in Taunton and the bike bits were taken from the Peter Brett Associates bike shed in the Blackbrook Buisness Park. The bike was bought from Ralphies so they should know it. I do have the serial code for the forks and the bike sheds are covered by two CCTV cameras.

    I have no idea how they managed to undo all the bolts without anyone noticing but they took the following parts.

    Pace RC40 XCAM forks
    Thomson 90mm stem
    Easton EA70 bar
    Odi lock on grips (black)
    Hope ‘Hoop’ front wheel (Pro2 hub, DT swiss 4.1 rim)
    HopeMini leaver plus rear caliper and braided hose
    Hope M4 front caliper, braided hose,leaver and saw tooth disk (160mm)
    SRAM X7 shifters
    Chris King black stem top cap.
    XT front and rear QRs
    A couple of Hope spacers
    Panaracer Cinder 2.2 front tyre (new)

    I am obviously quite angry about this but fingers crossed something happens. We do now have footage of the chap actually taking the bike apart at about 11:45 yesterday morning.

    Chears people,

    Andy J



    We now also have footage of him scoping the bike at about 1115 that morning.


    savage… will let you know if anything turns up exeter way.


    Eyes peeled here in Bridgy mate..

    I was in ralphies when you picked the frame up iirc, was gutted as i’d just sold mine.

    If you want me to take a look at the footage let me know, i know of a few scrotes int area….

    Premier Icon firestarter

    gutted for you mate its mad what you can nick tho by undoing about 5 allen bolts ;-(



    Sorry to hear that. Hope the catch the scroat.


    Thanks people.
    The allen key thing is always something that worried me, in fact the only reason he didn’t get the disks was because they are Torx bolts.

    I remember you sharki, I seem to remember you moaned about another Soul and then wished you still had yours.
    I can’t upload footage because it seems to be in a propriety video format but this is the best current shot we have of the scroat.

    Theiving ba*tard

    hopefully we will have a mug shot when next doors CCTV stuff comes through.

    See what footage you can find mate, I’m a taunton local and would be livid about that! Ill have a gander if you like and let you know what i think.
    I’ll keep and eye out for bits coming up too.

    i hope u get everything back…id be super angry if i was in your shoes…my car got broken into a year ago and i just wanted to put the little ***** in hospital for it…


    Surely a local ‘full on’, i’ll tell our sales staff to keep an eye out but i’d of thought blingy forks like that are quite distinctive and when they end up on Tauntons finest Apollo someone will get a rugby tackle. Were you lucky enough to be insured?


    Loiter around the asda BMX track, hamilton ramps and Priorswood ramps….quite a distinctive coat to spot…he may push his goods on there..


    Thanks guys. Suffice to say I am livid, and I am sure you can imagine the thoughts running through my head about what I would do to him.

    Hopefully the footage from next door will be better. The white and black blob in the top right of the shot by the window is one of their cameras which is trained on the bike shed. Plus he seems to have circled their building a few times so we should get something. I will post anything I get on here.

    His bike appeared to be silver. That is all we have because of the annoyingly rubbish quality of CCTV. He also appeared to be relatively competent on a bike.

    I am insured though the company have yet to get back to me after reporting it. We shall see.

    @sharki. My comment re seing you in Ralphies reads as being a bit arsey, it wasn’t meant to, sorry.


    Thats a good idea actually sharki. I may pop over to Hamilton ramps tomorrow and ask around. If anyone is there.


    I didn’t read it that way mate….if it did come across that way you’ve every right to be a little errrrr pissed off in conversation….

    If you have more and things you can’t put up on here, ie, pics….mail them to me so i can pull them up and and take a better look….

    And tomorrow i’ll make some noises over there and see whats about..

    If you need a front end, mine is sat doing owt at the mo, so you can borrow that for a couple weeks, to keep you riding.

    I’ll keep my eyes peeled around exeter too.

    Premier Icon moff

    Gutted for you Andy, hope the runt gets caught!
    I’ve got some EA30 bars and a Raceface stem I can donate you?
    Also got the RC36’s that need some tlc from Pace if that helps?
    Also a wheel I need to change the bearings in I can borrow you?
    Let me know, cheers Moff


    I am fine about it, after all it is just a bike (or bits of). I am actually more pissed off that he did it so openly.

    Actually I am really pissed off about the bike as well, especially because I only washed the flippen thing on sunday.

    Can’t I put pics of him on here? Is that against the rules/law?
    I am happy to send anything through if there is a chance it will help. Hopefully we will figure out how to convert the weird format of the CCTV stuff. Otherwise I will be updating my Flickr account with shots.

    Thanks for the offer for a front end but I think I have managed to sort a bike for the short term.


    I can’t see it being a problem, but to be safe it may pay to ask the site owners if it’s ok…..(mail to mods sent)

    Converting the cctv….what sort of recording device is it? there maybe a av out socket, then you should be able to upload straight to a HD recorder/camcorder….then play back and edit on your pc…..


    I am sorry to hear of your loss its just not fair

    Why the fug do we have to put up with this sort of crap, time to stop the growth of the gene pool that developes the tide of human filth that this cretin comes from IMHO



    The picture posted from the CCTV looks like a shot using Netvu Observer the video should be, If it is a*.par file.

    Tou need to down load the software from the dedicated micros website.

    I am also in Taunton and will keep an eye out.




    Thats it, Netvu Observer. I will have a look for the converter. Pain in the arse and truly makes me realise that I never want to be a security guard.

    Hey Tim mate, I must have crossed posted with you last night. Thanks for the offer but I think I am sorted for a bike for the time being. Plus I don’t really have the time to fix all your broken bits! 😉 I rode in on the wife’s bike this morning (riding a bike with RSTs really makes you realise how good decent forks are).

    Thanks everyone for keeping an eye out, I know bikes get stolen all the time (and going by the ‘Bike Thief’ thread it is apparently my fault anyway) but I do appreciate it. The power of the internet indeed.


    your front end is now on a blue trek, photos were taken police notified and he will be on town centre cctv, i saw him today, same coat ruck sack, hat.there was 3 with him so i thought of my collar bone and took the cowards way.
    The fuzz patrolled the town and i’ve left it to them.

    Top ninja-ing sharks !


    You sir are a star Mr Sharki.

    I just popped into Ralphies and they mentioned you had seen something so I had a pint in the plough on you (which I was going to have anyway but hey).
    I am just about to look at next doors CCTV so hopefully I will get even more footage of him to plaster over the internet.

    Do you have the photos?
    Mail me at ajohns at peterbrett dot com if you do.


    Sigh. Just went next door and while I could watch the bastard taking my bike to pieces (and getting spooked at the first attempt) the quality was so poor due to compression artefacts that he was just a blob.


    I failed in attempts to get his mush, defo your forks etc…..He looked edgey and i found out why after……him and the guy in blue left after being aware someone was wierdy taking pics of Mc d’s…….they separated and, after a mo, i walked down the street (OPP side)…a voice shouted out from behind where i was taking the pic(a pub doorway) and the scrote looked around, he then headed back up to where i was stood….Hmmmm, so i would’ve had 3 of them to tackle if i chose that option.

    Look at the first image and see the cctv cam in the top left….they had been stood there for at least 10 mins….so with any luck his mush has been seen and recognized…..wanka.


    legend. well done Sharki,

    yet another good reason to always carry a set of bombers in your bag.


    Hell yeah, but i was picking up my ss, and my boots and spds don’t work together to the fact my collarbone is still mending so i thought better of confronting them..

    But any other time…


    you are a star sharki, though slightly weird looking I must say/ 😉

    I will post those shots elsewhere and also have a traffic cop mate informed as well. Annoyingly I still haven’t heard anything from the police but hopefully I will tomorrow.


    good luck with this – what a world do we live in nowadays?


    my 66’s weigh about 3 kilos Sharki, I reckon you could do an above average level of damage ‘owning’ with them.

    Top snooping, and nothing cowardly about hanging round taking surreptitous photos of probably very nasty folk: I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes if they spotted you. Chapeau!


    No worries Andy.

    It may all take time i’m afraid, if they failed in finding him up town today, then they have the task of going through the cctv footage of the town centre, etc…then if they get an image of him, they need to put it through the data base and see if he’s known…..then they need to sort out a home visit if he has one, then catch him with stolen goods…

    I’ve asked my mate to let me know as soon as anything develops…but he’ll be off shift soon, give it few days.
    Julian, i would’ve probably chanced confronting them if i knew a altercation(sp?) wouldn’t result in my collarbone coming apart…

    I contemplated using my gerber suspention on his scrotum. but knowing my luck he’d of twisted and broke me whilst his mate made off with by Chammy.
    I’ve mailed you the pics, hopefully they all came through as i sent the originals and cropped ones..

    I’ll mail you if i hear anything..


    Nice one sharki after the last weeks episode with IWH nice to see there are some decent folks left on here


    sorry to hear about the loss, hopefully the cctv will prove helpful.

    Sharki good work!


    I got the photos, cheers mate.

    You did the right thing keeping out of it. I don’t want people getting hurt just because of the bike, it really isn’t worth that.

    Now I just need to get him banned from the fast food places and pubs in town. That would be fun. 😈

    Premier Icon jam bo

    sharki – get them to have a look for my old jack flash when they nick the guy. i miss that bike….


    Sharkie = stw legend


    Jambo, i saw a resprayed JF at lydeard hill last sunday..all sparkly and glittery….and blinged up with tat…

    They sounded good lads though, trial riders just out for a play.


    Thought that picture of Sharki was Jason Statham there for a minute 😆

    Sharki- I’ve just printed the photo of you A3 size,and tore down me poster of Bruce willis… I’ve got myself a new action hero!!!
    Neverness- Feel for you brother, been there myself. Good luck with the hunt….Did i say hunt? 😡

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