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  • Premier Icon AlexSimon

    Shit news.
    Pretty distinctive bikes though, so there’s some chance…


    Aw dude, sorry to hear that. Will keep eyes peeled in Dundee in case they come north.

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    Thats some haul of bikes. Hope you get them back or suitably replaced through insurance

    b r

    Shared on our Borders FB page – hope you get them back.

    Give Soul Cycles a call so they are aware:

    plus one

    Awful 🙁 🙁

    I drive in Edinburgh every night I’ll keep them peeled …

    Premier Icon imnotverygood

    Not another Edinburgh theft! You have my sympathy FWIW. What area?


    I remember when my £800 Kona was stolen I felt devastated – this here is just shocking!!! 👿

    Sorry to hear that, man…

    That blows.
    What part of Edinburgh?

    Maybe put your mobile number in the thread so we can give you a call if we see someone on them?

    Woke up to find my garage broken into and my bikes gone. Feeling angry and heartbroken as you may expect.

    Would appreciate anyone in the Edinburgh/Central Belt of Scotland keeping a lookout for them.

    I don’t hold out much hope for getting them back, particularly as the police have told me they don’t even visit the scene of garage break ins. Any tips to increase the chances of getting them recovered would also be appreciated.

    Spec of bikes is as follows.

    YT Capra Pro:

    standard (BOS Deville, BOS Kirk, Reverb, XO1 Groupset, Renthal Fatbars, Avid Trail brakes) except for superstar pedals, Schwalbe Magic Mary front tyre and Maxxis High Roller rear.

    Norco Shinobi 2 (29er):

    Rock Shox Reverb
    Rock Shox Revelations
    XT brakes
    XO rear mech & shifter
    SLX crankset
    Superstar carbon bars

    Mondraker Summum

    Marzocchi 888 RC3 Ti
    Sram X9 Groupset
    Formula RX brakes

    KHS Yuma (29er)

    Sram X9 groupset
    Rock Shox Reba
    Superstar stem

    Thanks for reading.


    Live in Edinburgh, so will keep the peepers open.


    Hope you get these back.
    Keepin my eyes ears open in ayrshire

    Premier Icon tomcrow99

    I feel your pain, same thing happened to me in Edinburgh a couple of months ago.
    Will keep an eye out. Where are you?
    Keep on the cops, it took them 3 days to get to me, give them a good breakdown of all the parts etc.

    Good luck.

    Sorry to hear that, has happened to me in the past too so I know how you feel.

    I had an attempted break in a couple of weeks ago to my shed. They finally got in but never took anything due to a shed anchor and 16mm chains. In the Abbeyhill area BTW. Three “hoodies” were seen fleeing the scene.

    Edit: the police have come out to fingerprint on all three occasions i’ve had break ins/attempted break ins. They seem to take more interest if the bikes are expensive.

    Premier Icon tomd

    That blows, I’m out Musselburgh way I’ll keep an eye out.


    Terrible news 🙁

    Paul good call on the 16mm chain stopping them.

    Thanks for the sympathy, sharing and look outs everyone. Much appreciated. It’s pretty soul destroying as a lot of you know. The Mondraker and the Norco weren’t insured as I was planning on selling them in a couple of weeks. Now someone toerag is instead.

    I’m in the east of Edinburgh, Restalrig area. Don’t really want to put my mobile number up here as it’ll no doubt get scraped and added to some horrible marketing list but appreciate the suggestion. If anyone does have any info/sightings please PM me and I can provide a number from there.

    B R – good shout on Soul Cycles, will give them a ring.

    Am guessing they will have the brains to sell them somewhere further away though as it was definitely a targeted theft – they were chained up with heavy duty motorbike chains which have been cut through, so the thieves must have had some pretty decent equipment to get through them.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Good luck tracking the toerags down mate, had a similar lot nicked myself a few years ago so I’ve got an idea how it feels.

    Hopefully they’ll be daft enough to try to shift them on whole, as a couple of them should be pretty easy to spot.

    Premier Icon himupstairs

    i’ll keep my eyes peeled.



    partickbateman were you using 16mm chains?


    I’ve shared the post on a few facebook groups in and around Edinburgh.. Hopefully something will turn up..

    Premier Icon tuskaloosa

    sorry to hear man, that is just awful. Hope you manage to recover them.

    Am way down South but will keep an eye out on the net etc


    I’ll keep an eye out down at my shop in Granton (Edinburgh Cycle Company)

    We often get Junkie Friday Bikes (Trying to sell stolen bikes to finance a weekends fix)

    I’ll keep an eye out down my way too as I live near you.

    I got mine back of Scumtree last year as it was pretty distinctive too

    Post them on the FB page I set up

    particularly as the police have told me they don’t even visit the scene of garage break ins

    in england+wales if there is an interconnecting door between garage and house then under home office accounting rules its classed as a dwelling burglary, which as a home office priority means attendance and usually a specialist team to investigate.

    I realise youre in Scotland but worth doing some research and also asking to speak to a supervisor to stress the value of the theft -if a car to the value of your bikes had been taken they’d come out, and I know the contents of my garage are worth more than the contents of my house.

    Gutted for you, Oxford probably too far away to be of any use, and above posted with best intent as an “English” copper.

    Thanks again everyone.

    Hopester – Cheers. I’ve posted to your page. Good idea to set it up. Hopefully they’ll be stupid enough to take them into you.

    Toons – was using 13mm Oxford ones, silver rated. 16mm too big to fit through the anchor.

    What’s really annoying me is that someone robbed the bank at the top of the road yesterday and made off with under £10k. Police everywhere, knocking on all the doors and interviewing all the residents.

    Targeted bike theft of a similar value – on hold for 25 mins, still waiting on a call back with a crime number. And they won’t come out to the house as the “garages are too dusty to get evidence from” despite the cut chain links still being here.

    Appreciate a bank robbery is a serious crime and not expecting the same level of response but it shouldn’t be so unbalanced either.

    garages are too dusty to get evidence from” despite the cut chain links still being here.

    🙄 FFS. They’d manage if it was a murder scene. Call back and ask for a supervisor (or even a police officer, you’ll probably be speaking to a civilian call handler). Stress the value and potential evidence you’ve identified.


    I recommend setting up saved searches on ebay and gumtree UK wide, worth a try as bikes like this won’t be easy to shift

    Premier Icon deejayen

    Really sorry to hear about this. I hope you get them back.

    Register with ‘’ which can (daily) email you new listings on eBay & Gumtree based on keywords you give it (eg ‘Norco’)

    I had an extremely distinctive recumbent stolen while on holiday in Edinburgh this time last year. It’s still not turned up. Someone suggested it would have been destroyed because it would be too difficult to sell. Either that, or the thieves will wait for a while before trying to move it on. Anyone know if there’s much hope after a year (other than that Ti Jones which was recently recovered after a few years)?

    It seems that bike theft is rampant in Edinburgh – obviously not just opportunistic thefts either.


    Will keep an eye out in Edinburgh.

    Might be worth spending the day loitering around the carparks of Inners/GT at the weekend in the near future, just incase someone on one of your prized possessions rides past.


    Do you know how they got through the chains? bolt croppers or angle grinder type thing? Although we’re only a few streets apart, the guys who broke into my shed didn’t come prepared or only had minimal tools, sounds like a different group.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I know it’s crap but realistically unless the criminal is a total moron, there’ll be no physical evidence, prints etc, all it takes is gloves really. What I’d be annoyed at is chain manufacturers and safety groups selling you stuff that offers minimal protection, they probably broke the chains faster than you’d open them with a key 🙁

    Will keep an eye out, some very distinctive and uncommon bikes there- good luck! Hope the insurance is ok


    Terrible news, I hope they are recovered.

    Premier Icon chickenman

    Paul: They’ll be back with the right tools. Get a shed alarm, even the £20 (with a remote key fob) ones that give them 30 seconds to remove the battery before they go off work if you can make access to them hard.
    There are a lot of things going for the wee shites these days: They don’t care if they get caught and unless they are caught red handed they won’t be prosecuted just for possession of a stolen bike. Whilst some PCs are pretty hot on bike theft, the force in general (in Edinburgh anyway) really aren’t interested. Tools that will cut through any lock or chain are easily available. Any deterrent that might injure or even restraining the wee darlings of course would land you right in it.

    Premier Icon tomaso

    I have had my garage robbed twice – it feels crap and you have my sympathy.

    Nicest bike lives inside now.

    Searching Gumtree eBay etc is a good start but so much gets shifted on Facebook groups it is worth sgning up to as many as possible. I found 1 bike this way and got two blokes prosecuted for handling stolen goods.

    Set up searches for obscure components like those BOS forks etc.


    Seeing a lot of bikes go with 13mm chains recently, think 16mm is the way forward, although how long to get through one of those?

    One thing i’ve noticed with 99% of bike thefts, is they all go overnight, and no one has a wireless alarm which goes off in the house when shed/garage is breached. They can be had for £20-£50, and reckon could put a stop to all this overnight crime, where they have as much time in the world to break the locks.

    Premier Icon tenfoot

    My sympathies. A similar thing happened to me 2 months ago, although my total value was around £4k, not 10. Kent police were round within a couple of hours dusting for prints, so I think your local force are giving you the brush off.

    2 months later, I still feel sick thinking about it. I’ve replaced one bike and haven’t yet been brave enough to stick it back in the garage. I bought a Kryptonite chain thinking that would be strong enough, but from reading the above, I’m not so sure now.

    I’ve had a multi-point locking door put on the the garage rear door (which was their point of access as the garage door was secure) and next step is to connect the garage alarm to the house alarm.

    Wish you luck in finding your bikes.


    that sucks.
    am also in the east end.
    will keep eyez peeled.

    please PM me

    Patrick – if anyone does want to contact you: you dont have any contact details in your profile.

    Also if anyone had any info – the last place you’d want them sharing is on an open forum.

    When my 2 were nicked from north Edinburgh the parts (reverb, brakes….) started appearing on ebay within hours. Apparently my frames were unlikely to ever be sold in the UK as they were the only really traceable part.

    Anyway, eyes peeled here and I hope it works out ok.

    Tomaso – facebook groups is a good shout. I’ve had a post on there shared quite a lot already, but makes sense to do as many as possible. What kind did you use? Just bike related ones or any others?

    Paul – looks like it was a bolt cutter of some sort.

    Chickenman – yep, that’s the frustrating part. Would happily rig the garage door up to the mains but you’d end up in more trouble than the thieves.

    CSW – thanks. Thought the forum had personal messaging built in but apparently not. Email in profile now. Added the part alerts to ebay and gumtree too.

    Cruzcampo – a wireless alarm is something I’ve been kicking myself about. Definite purchase to be made now that’s for sure. Didn’t realise you could get them so cheaply. Urgh.

    Thanks to everyone else in my Singletrack support group too. Good to know so many people are keeping an eye out.

    Premier Icon dmorts

    This makes me feel sick, sorry you were targeted and good luck for tracing them

    This seems to be occurring quite frequently in Edinburgh. I wonder if a request put to the police under freedom of information would be worth doing to see just how many thefts like this there have been in the past year or so.

    Premier Icon curiousyellow

    Gutted for you mate.

    Definitely an overnight job then? I thought most people got broken into during the day when they were at work?

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