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  • Stolen bikes – recovered!
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    Following on from this thread :

    I collected both bikes from the police this week. Some ‘improvements’ have been made to them, but nothing too drastic and I’m so pleased to get them back (particularly the Cove).

    Can’t go into too much detail at the moment, but I want to say a massive thank you to the guys at D&D cycles and at Production Privee for some sterling detective work. Derbyshire Police were great too, they didn’t do anything when the bikes were stolen, but as soon as they got a lead they got straight on it and sorted it out. Also thank you to everyone on here (and not on here) who spread the info on social media.

    One thing worth mentioning for anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves in my position – get on Gumtree straight away. My bikes were sold and with their new ‘owners’ within 12 hours of being stolen, and the ad was deleted. I didn’t start searching until the next day.

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    I like happy endings

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    Great stuff chum

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    Al200 bloody great news!

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    Work pretty fast these days, the thieving scumbags – perhaps if they put the effort into getting jobs…..

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