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  • Sticky XT discs – please help!
  • Help! My new ’08 XT disc brakes set up all nice with the right amount of lever play, but once I have ridden them for a bit I end up with no movement between on and off (and they then stick on). I have pushed the pistons back in and out several times, and bled them through again but they still seem to do it.

    Any advice on how I can fix it? They are driving me nuts.


    Had same prob – pumped pistons in and out & covered them in brake fluid while out & are OK now – but I Know what you mean, drove me mad too.

    Take out pads. Pump the pistons out while making sure one side is pushed in (i use a plastic tyre lever for this). Clean piston with cotton bud and also cover sides in hydraulic fluid using cotton bud (to lube them).

    Pump in and out a few times (push in with tyre lever and pump out) Repeat. Then do teh other. Put pads back in and go ride.

    Take care when cleaning bike as detergent can cause the pistons to dry out….

    cheers for the tips. I have also seen on mtbr that cold weather can make them worse. That’s useful on a winter SS 🙄

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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