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  • sticky pistons again
  • retro83

    any sure fire fixes? Tried bleeding and rebleeding, cleaning with water, isoprop, and lubing with red rubber grease, mineral oil, silicon spray, float fluid, 15wt suspension oil, 5w30 fully synth motor oil (not all at once 🙂 ). Whatever I do, one piston is always much more active than the other.

    These are shimano XT calipers with citroen fluid. Does the shimano fluid lubricate better?

    Tempted to chuck the bastards in the bin and pick up some Deores.



    I have a mix of Magura and Shimano brakes.
    Both use mineral oil, and I have a litre of Halfords LHM.

    But….I found it to be thicker than both Magura Blood and Shimano Tango.

    So far it is OK in a couple of Maguras and one Deore, but I filled my XTRs with Shimano and have had no problems.

    It is possible that the LHM may be too thick to work as planned in the winter, but I see no issues for summer use.

    All 3 should lube the calliper seals and remain in place (unlike DoT which is water-miscible and can be washed out leaving sticky pistons).

    Now I will just wait for all the contradictions to follow.



    Interesting you say that Paul as I also found it to be rather thick.

    The other thing is that if you get the citroen stuff on your hands, it leaves a slightly ‘tacky’ feeling.

    Think I’ll pick up a litre of the shimano stuff, just seems rather expensive at £17!


    -Is very light works very well in my Magura brakes. It makes your hands nice and soft too.

    The Halfords Citroen stuff is very ‘thick’/viscous.

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