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  • Gary_C

    Geek speak:

    user experience and interface.


    I bought one on launch day because i think it's a great phone and I was due an upgrade from my 3G. I'm enjoying the comments of all the keyboard warriors who have probably not even seen the phone, let alone tried it. I've tried this theory and can't replicate it. Even so, I'm right handed and I always use a case so it wouldn't even matter!


    the strip mining of the congo continues apace to supply the necessary coltan[/i] that pays the warlords

    What's "coltan" and why do warlords like it so much?


    Mobile phone geekery leads to mass killings in the congo. Globalisation – innit great

    Premier Icon ratadog

    Just bemused why people are so utterly desperate to get one the moment they come out on the market.


    Have a friend who complains of poverty on a permanent basis but has to have the latest gadget on day one or his life is not complete. I wait a few months and get something that does the job better ( because the high tech equivalent of nail polish has now been applied ) and costs me a fraction of the price ( because everyone is now making competing devices).

    Just swapped my motorola flip phone ( circa 2004 ) for an HTC Hero – I know, it's so 2009. God my life is so incomplete. The shame, the misery, the money in the bank to do the things that are important.

    Sorry, I think my children are starting to get to me.


    lol thats the most horrific flaw I think I've ever seen designed into a product.
    No, I think you need to read a bit more…, say square windows in the original De Havilland Comet?

    Design is different from engineering. And I think Apple struggle to seperate the two to be honest. This is engineering and should have been left to those who know what they are talking about but my guess is it was the designers and accountants who made the final mistake.

    A 'coating' on metal that is regularly held? What a ridiculous idea.


    if only there was website you could type coltan and warlords in too and get information

    It absolutely, genuinely did not occur to me to do that. And I'm not above making snippy siggestion to others to "JFGI". Oh dearie me.


    Speaking in my position as Mr Gulable Shiteguiste, I'm pleased as piss with mine. Not experienced any problems; think it's great. I still haven't got a clue why anyone who has tried an iPhone for any length of time would want to use anything else. I do find all the hype quite amusing, but struggle to see how anyone can get quite so up tight either way. On the environmental front, I don't think that Apple are probably any worse than any other manufacturer, and given the scrutiny their brand is under all the time I would imagine they're more responsible than many. My guess is that the average iPhone takes a lot longer to hit the landfill than your average, less premium handset. My last one is going to be reused by someone else for example.

    I would have suggested less stressing about mobiles and more riding, but then I wouldn't have been able to justify posting this again for all the Apple haters to lust after.

Viewing 9 posts - 81 through 89 (of 89 total)

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