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  • Stans rims (not tubeless) rim tape
  • druidh

    I’ve just built up a set of wheels with Arch Ex rims and I’m fitting some Maxxis Ardents, but not tubeless (atm). The only standard rim tape I have is some Planet X stuff and no matter what I do, it’s getting dragged across the rim into the bead when I inflate the tyres.

    I do however have some Stans yellow tape. Do you reckon I should just go with some of that instead? Will it make a difference what width it is as long as it’s covering the spoke holes? What are other folk using as rim tape on Stans rims?

    Electrical tape, it’s all I’ve ever used on MTB’s (doesn’t work on road bikes though).

    Just use the yellow tape if you’ve got it. as log as it’s covering the holes well the yellow tape doesn’t stretch much so as to expose the edge of the spoke holes.

    I generally run my stans rims tubeless, but have on occasion ran tubes with yellow tape. It’s fine.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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